For our series on life in drier climes, Marsha R., of Baton Rouge, offers this:

"A friend was interviewing for a position at Arizona State University in Phoenix.

"He flew in, and was taken from the underground garage to the hotel’s garage. Later he was driven to the university’s garage where he met his hosts and was very favorably impressed. They returned him to his hotel, and he was so delighted with everything he had seen that he decided to take a walk around town.

"When he stepped out of his hotel into that 105-degree 'dry heat,' his impressions melted. He realized he had shrewdly never been let out of air conditioning the whole day."

A bar named Joe

Glen Bynum tells about the naming of Joe Reed's, the Baton Rouge bar mentioned in the Tuesday column:

"I was in LSU graduate school in the early '70s. During Christmas vacation I visited my best friend, a first year professor at Ohio State.

"He took me to a Christmas party at a student's home that had to be one of the best times I had ever experienced.

"On a spring visit, we attended the same student's spring party, where again I had a great time.

"In 1974, opening my first restaurant/bar on Highland Road, I was searching for a good name and thought, 'If I can create the fun atmosphere I experienced visiting my friend I need to name it after his student, Joe Reed.

"My second restaurant/bar, in Aspen, Colorado, was named Joe Reed's of Aspen.

"During my over 40 years of owning and operating over 30 restaurant/bars, I always tried to create the atmosphere Joe Reed introduced to me in the early '70s. It seemed to work."

Welcome to BR

Speaking of Baton Rouge nostalgia, Z David Deloach offers this remembrance, plus a flattering personal note:

"When I moved to Baton Rouge 41 years ago next month to go into business with some family members, my uncle quickly introduced me to the members of the community that made things go smoothly — tax assessor, the sheriff's PR man, a connection to the governor, local reporters, etc.

"Also included was lunch at Mike & Tony’s — steak fingers and Esquire salad in the lounge — and visits to Charlie Gant’s Patio lounge.

"One of his most important instructions was, 'Read Smiley every day.'"

No reunion

Haskell Douglas says the Old North Baton Rouge Reunion, normally held the first Thursday after July 4, won't be held this year due to coronavirus concerns. Several hundred people normally attend the gathering of neighbors from the '40s, '50s and '60s.    

Special People Dept.

— Mary Tarver, of Baton Rouge, celebrates her 100th birthday Thursday, June 18. She was a histologist (working with tissue samples) at Baton Rouge General, and is currently teaching Sunday School at Baton Rouge's First Baptist Church. 

— Joyce Landon Dickerson, of St. James Place, Baton Rouge, celebrates her 95th birthday Thursday, June 18.

— Patrick and Germaine Curley celebrate 68 years of marriage Thursday, June 18. Germaine was the first woman elected to Plaquemines Parish Commission Council. Patrick, from Lafayette, is a Korean War veteran.

— Mary Anne and Wayne Alch celebrate their 65th anniversary Thursday, June 18.

— Tom and Eva Jones celebrate their 60th anniversary Thursday, June 18.

— Charles and Beverly Bond, of Covington, celebrate their 60th anniversary Thursday, June 18.

— Dr. Jerry and Margaret Casey, of Metairie, celebrated their 60th anniversary Sunday, June 14.

— Kenneth and Janice Lew Sr., of Marrero, celebrated their 60th anniversary June 11.

— Conrad and Beverly Joffrion, of Plaquemine, celebrated 59 years of marriage June 11.

Prayer call

Regarding our search for alternatives to "Happy Birthday" for our 20-second hand washing, Gail offers this alternative: "The Lord's Prayer is exactly 20 seconds!"

Helen's song

Our mention of "Helen Back" and "Helen Waite" reminded Nancy C. Van Den Akker of an old jazz song: "She looks like Helen Brown, she's the hottest girl in town. She knocks 'em dead when she dresses in red, but she looks like Helen Brown!"

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