Lillian Miller, our unpaid holiday poet, sums up Thanksgiving: 

"Candied yams, mac 'n cheese, hot rolls, fun and lovin'.

iPhones in the basket, turkey's out the oven.

All the family's gathered to enjoy food and laughter,

Adults round the table, kids swinging from the rafter.

Sure it's crazy, sure it's loud, wish it happened more.

But when evening comes, and all head home,

I can't wait to close the door."

Moment of fame

Mary Pramuk, of Baton Rouge, says Danny Heitman’s mention of Ed Cullen’s articles in the Farmers’ Almanac "reminded me of the time I found an ancient copy of the almanac in an old farmhouse in Canada my uncle had purchased.

"In it there was a paragraph called 'How to kiss properly' that explained 'How not to muss her standing collar.'

"Since I was in my early teens, I assumed it was advice for men and didn’t have any use for me yet. But I thought Arthur Godfrey, who had a popular morning radio show, should send the advice out to the continent.

"Godfrey thought so too, and I got to hear it broadcast —  because my aunt yelled out to me just as I was getting ready to throw a couple of rotten duck eggs down the privy.

"My mother planted her garden according to the almanac, and you could find anything else that mattered there — except how to get rotten egg off the privy door."

(Mary, I gather that sources of entertainment were rather limited up there at that time…) 

Subtle comment

Speaking of outhouses, Nobey Benoit sent over a photo of a two-story outhouse. The top door is marked "Management" and the bottom door is marked "Employees."   

Identification method

Joe Fairchild, of Thibodaux, tells of placing folks (or not) by their accent or mention of place names:

"I was at a party in St. Louis back in the '50s with a friend from New Orleans' Irish Channel, and we met a fellow from Brooklyn.

"They began a conversation, and both thought they were from the same place. Then I heard the Brooklyn guy say, 'Irish Channel; where is dat?'

"Some years later, I was in Nashville on a Saturday night, standing in a line at Ryman Auditorium, and I heard someone ahead of me say 'Pinhook Road.'

"I knew he could not be from any place in the whole world but Lafayette."

Special People Dept.

  • Aaron Methe, of Slidell, celebrates his 97th birthday on Tuesday, Nov. 27. He is a World War II veteran, was stationed at Pearl Harbor in 1941, and is a survivor of the sinking of the destroyer USS Chicago in 1943.
  • Mary Lou Gilligan celebrates her 94th birthday on Thursday, Nov. 22.
  • Claude Larry Taylor, of St. Amant, formerly of Baton Rouge, celebrates his 92nd birthday on Friday, Nov. 23.
  • Joseph S. Cronan celebrates his 91st birthday on Monday, Nov. 19. He is a Marine Corps veteran and a volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul Pharmacy in Baton Rouge.

Joys of parenthood

Kathleen Talmadge offers an image that to her sums up "parenting" in a few words:

It's "64 ounces of prune juice gently lapping everything on the kitchen floor."

Reason to write

Rhonda Godwin says this was overheard at a book signing at Alabama Booksmith in Birmingham:

Customer: "I love your books; I'm so glad you are still writing."

"Forrest Gump" author Winston Groom: "Well, my wife is still spending."

Off on holiday

It's time for my Well-Deserved Vacation, which Lady Katherine and I will spend, as usual, at Bubba's Exxon, Motel & Bait Shop in Back Brusly.

We're looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner at Bubba's All You Dare to Eat Cafe, where he says his chef, Large Marge, is offering a choice of entrees: rack of nutria or garfish almondine.

We're especially excited about getting the VIP Suite, which is the only unit with a color TV. Bubba says if the weather's just right and the rabbit ears are properly adjusted, we can pick up Baton Rouge stations.

I'll be back soon. In the meantime, have a joyous Thanksgiving and a rewarding Black Friday.    

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