"Like things aren't depressing enough…" says Steve Storey, of Baton Rouge:

"As I'm driving through our neighborhood after Hurricane Laura, checking for downed limbs and lines, I run across this sign: 'NO PARKING PARADE DAY.'"

It's near 'Disarray'

Elise Kaufman says, regarding our seminar on place names, "We were in 'Noo Awluns' several years ago on a weekend when Tulane freshman were moving in to campus.

"We were having a great breakfast at the Camellia Grill on Carrollton at St. Charles when a couple next to us explained that they were from out of town and their son was starting Tulane.

"They were trying to find a nearby Target, and asked us how close 'Metarray' was.

"Took me a second to figure out they were looking for 'Metry!'"

Susan was here

Bernard Cleary, of Metairie, says, "Now what are the chances that Canandaigua, New York, would show up in your Louisiana column two days in a row, or even three?

"When I first included the name of that lake and city in my list of Finger Lakes and tongue twisting upstate New York names, I implied many or most were pronounceable.

"On the other hand, in a sophomore high school English class our teacher asked us all to correctly spell the name of our Ontario County seat, Canandaigua.

"Half the class spelled it wrong, and I was in that half. I should have learned it sooner, but I sure did that day.

"Canandaigua is also the site of the 1873 trial of suffragist Susan B. Anthony, who voted (the government charged illegally) in neighboring Monroe County.

"She lost (of course) but wouldn't pay her fine, didn't go to prison, and kept trying to vote."

Sign language

Virginia Howard, of Metairie, has another tale of a hard to pronounce locality:

"A few years ago my brother and I were driving through the Texas countryside, heading toward Caprock Canyon State Park.

"It was time for lunch and I saw on the map (yes, we used maps back in 2003) that the next town was Quitaque.

"We bantered back and forth about how to pronounce the town’s name, when suddenly we saw a huge billboard proclaiming: 'It’s pronounced KITTY-QUAY!'

"Case closed!

"When I Googled 'Quitaque, Texas,' I found that Quitaque is a name derived from a Native American language meaning 'end of the trail.'"

Welcome to Louisiana

"Let me toss this into the pot about pronouncing Louisiana names," says Russ Wise, of LaPlace:

"Having come into the state in the mid ’70s, working as a reporter on a 50,000 watt radio station in Shreveport that covered half the country, it didn’t take long for me to blow it big time.

"I don’t recall what the story was about, but I immediately learned that 'Thibodaux' is not pronounced 'Thib-o-docks.'”

Special People Dept.

Mike and Sue Bye, former Baton Rouge residents now living in Hot Springs, Arkansas, celebrate their 63rd anniversary Wednesday, Sept. 9.

Dress to impress

Joe Fairchild, of Thibodaux, says, "The Monday story about ladies standing around in their gowns at a fire reminded me of an incident I witnessed back in the 1970s.

"I was spending the night in the Visiting Officers' Quarters at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, while on my two week Reserves tour.

"We were asleep when the fire alarm went off, so we vacated the VOQ, and stood outside in our pajamas until the all clear sounded.

"The alarm malfunctioned at least three times that night, and each time we vacated the building in our pajamas.

"There was a visiting contingent of Chinese Air Force officers in the same building, and each time the alarm went off, they assembled in full dress uniform outside the building.

"I was impressed!"

Vital letter

Harvey Pashibin, of Upper Lafayette, has some advice about folks writing emails: Be careful of your word choice, because one letter can make a big difference.

"Have you ever noticed: 'Inducted' is a good thing. 'Indicted' is a bad thing.

"That’s why you gotta be careful when typing out emails.

"I spent the better part of yesterday fielding phone calls from concerned relatives."

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