On Saturday, Mike Manes, of New Iberia, told of his family's experiences with Hansen's disease, and relatives who had lived at the treatment center in Carville.

Here's another story from Mike:

"The only family member I knew at Carville was Albert Landry. We got to know each other when I moved to Baton Rouge in 1973. He died in 1977.

"Since you know the culture and understand the stigma, you’ll appreciate this:

"When my wife Sheila and I were first dating in the summer of 1973, Albert invited us to supper in New Roads.

"When we first got there, Albert pulled me to the side to ask, 'Does she know where I am?'

"I answered, 'Yes, and she’s fine with it.'

"When we left that night, Sheila gave Albert a hug and a kiss.

"I believe Sheila held a special place in Albert’s heart because she had 'kissed a leper!'”

Hog wild in Oakdale

Jamey Sandefur says, "I was just reading in your Wednesday column about the crime wave in Kalispell, Montana, and it reminded me of something.

"I grew up in Oakdale (side note: I know your family there very well), and a few years back, my mom sent a clipping from the Oakdale Journal to me.

"It stated something along the lines of, 'A pig was found on Main Street this week. If you have lost a pig, contact the Oakdale Police Department.'

"As Momma knew I would, I got a good laugh out of that one. You just don’t see things like that in The Advocate."

(Unless you read my column, you don't … )

Yoga pants?

It seems that Joe Burrow's pants mishap in the Mississippi State game has become the most famous football-related wardrobe malfunction since Janet Jackson's revealing Super Bowl performance.

Karen McLin, of Greenwell Springs, blames modern styles of football uniforms.

After I mentioned a pants drop in 1947 involving another LSU quarterback, Y.A. Tittle, she had this reaction:

"I don’t know about the cause of Y.A. Tittle’s malfunction, but it seems like now football players are wearing yoga pants instead of the traditional football pants that laced in front."

Rhyme crime

Speaking of the Joe Burrow pants incident, David Stoker makes light of the situation by resorting to poetry, more or less (mostly less):  

"He left us in stitches

When he nearly

Lost his britches."

Kids and bugs

As I've mentioned before, little roly-poly bugs have always been fascinating to kids (including me).

Deborah Fisher, of Baton Rouge, concurs:

"Hearing about roly-polys really took me back to my north Louisiana childhood! My mom had to check my pockets before she did the laundry, because I forgot to release them after I played with them.

"We'd use a straw from a broom to stir their hole, repeating, 'Doodle bug, doodle bug, your house is on fire, you better come out.' Eventually they'd come to the surface.

"The compost heap bugs mentioned by other readers are what we called mealy bugs. They look like roly-polys, but are flatter, with softer outer shells.

"Can you tell that I loved bugs at one time in my life?"

Shell game

Alton Duke, of Baton Rouge, has this armadillo story:

"Often while helping work cattle, Catahoula cow dogs would attack an armadillo and have their hard shell snap from their mouth repeatedly with a loud pop.

"Frustrated, the dogs would make a whining sound."

Special People Dept.

Jennie Pauline "Billie" Pierce Voorhies Oheim, of Lafayette, celebrates her 97th birthday Thursday.

Crime family

T.W. addresses our recent discussion of beer:

"I was at a garage sale the other day looking at a small fridge that the seller said was perfect for storing adult beverages.

"I told him I already had one that I keep in my usually locked home office.

"He asked why I keep it locked up.

"Without really even thinking about it, I summed it up like this: 'Originally, when my kids were in high school, I didn’t want them sneaking in to steal my beer. But now that they are in college and of legal drinking age — I don’t want them sneaking in to steal my beer!'"

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