You might have noticed that to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of Community Coffee, I've been running a few stories from my readers about their experiences with this iconic Louisiana product. Here's one from Joe Simmons:

"We were recently in the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City visiting the phenomenal Jim Henson exhibit. (Jim, like my father, was a native of Greenville, Mississippi).

"Right there among the early history of The Muppets and their early forays into commercials was a storyboard from a Muppets commercial for Community Coffee.

"Who else remembers the Muppets' Community Coffee commercials? There might never have been a Kermit the Frog were it not for Community Coffee."

Performing pooch

Linda Dalferes comments on our Saturday story about a cat who had a “never let the dog in the yard" policy.

"We had a dog who practically let the squirrels sleep on her back — UNTIL we walked into the yard; then the chase was on!

"It was as if she was constantly on watch and chasing them all away, all day."

Phonetic thinking

Our discussion of engineering students and their tools in years past reminded John Torbert of the secretary who recorded, "These calculations were done with a sly drool."

Dinner and a movie

Two more Lash LaRue stories:

  • Don Uggen says, "Recent contributors' stories about movie cowboys reminded me of my favorite, Lash LaRue.

"In the early '50s I attended the Boy Scout National Jamboree at Irvine Ranch in California along with Carroll DiBenedetto, Mike Beckham and about 20 other boys from Baton Rouge.

"Lash entertained us and demonstrated his talent with the bullwhip. Being from the New Orleans area, he wanted to share a meal with some Louisiana boys, and our troop was picked to host him.

"We prepared chicken for him that evening, and sat at the same table with a cowboy star who was a hero to millions of American kids. Those were the days…"

  • Dick Barras says, "In the late '40s I went to the Acadia Theater in Crowley to watch a Lash LaRue movie.

"There was an empty aisle seat next to me, and lo and behold, guess who sat down beside me? Lash LaRue himself (evidently in town for a personal appearance), all dressed in black, whip by his side and black hat tilted to one side — so cool!

"After a short 'How do you do?' we just sat there and enjoyed the movie."   

Festus sings

Tom Boone, of Gonzales, addresses an issue we've been discussing of late:

"Another singing cowboy folks may not be aware of was Ken Curtis, who played Festus Haggen, Matt Dillon's sidekick and deputy on 'Gunsmoke.'

"He was once a member and lead singer of Sons of the Pioneer, a popular western quartet. He was quite good. You can YouTube him and see how much different he looks and sounds from the cantankerous character he portrayed."

Nobey Benoit concurs, and adds that Ken "got his start singing with Tommy Dorsey's band, before Sons of the Pioneers. Search 'Tumbling Tumbleweed' on YouTube for a real treat.

"He rarely sang on 'Gunsmoke.'"

Special People Dept.

Agnes Capone Rome, of Donaldsonville, celebrated her 93rd birthday March 28.

No help here

Mike Eldred, of Tylertown, Mississippi, says, "A few years ago, before the advent of Google, I enrolled in a history course for the experience.

"The course required a paper to be written about Charlemagne.

"I asked the student assistant at the library for help in navigating the card catalog in search of material.

"When she asked, 'Is Charlemagne the first or last name?' I knew I was on my own."

Age appropriate

George Lane, of the University of California at Berkeley, says, "I found an online site for singles my age; it’s called 'Carbon Dating.'"

Promises, promises

Marvin Borgmeyer, of Baton Rouge, says, "With the Legislature back in session, I am reminded of the following joke:

A young girl asked her father if all fairy tales begin with "Once upon a time."

"No," he replied. "A whole lot of them begin with, 'If elected, I promise…'"

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