This tale, from David Guedry, of Prairieville, comes from our "Only in Louisiana" file:

"My wife Mary and I were fishing in Lake Verret last week. As I was reeling in a nice catfish, an alligator suddenly appeared and grabbed my fish.

"My 10-pound test line was no match for the gator. My immediate thought was, 'Where is Troy Landry (the gator hunter from "Swamp People") when you need him?'"

Fear of flying

Karen Tatum, of Prairieville, comments on the Tuesday item about dancing with roaches:

"Like Mary Pramuk’s husband, I, too, have executed the roach dance — accompanied by the song of my people in high soprano, but only when the roach flies."

Permanent bonding

D.J. Strickland, of Central, tells this love story:

"On Jan. 31, 1948, my girlfriend Millie and I eloped to Bastrop.

"With marriage license in hand, we woke up the justice of the peace at 2 o'clock in the morning.

"In his pajamas, he married us on his front porch.

"After the ceremony, he said, 'When I marries 'em, they stays married!'

"After almost 72 years, I think he was right."

Standing joke

After Robin Roshto, on Wednesday, told of his brother Ralph getting "standing applause" at the end of a bus ride in France for telling the passengers Boudreaux-Thibodeaux jokes, this somewhat cynical view was voiced by Mike Eldred, of Tylertown, Mississippi:

"Did perhaps Ralph misunderstand the standing preparation to egress as a standing ovation?"

Flight plan

Steve Koehler, of Metairie, says, "With all the items in your column about Hell, Michigan, I thought maybe I should go visit. Especially since it is much drier there than we are here.

"Do you have the phone number for Handbasket Airlines?"

Finding your way

More tales about directions in various places:

  • Joan Hall, of Baton Rouge, says, "We lived in El Paso, Texas, when I was growing up. The Franklyn Mountains were 'downtown.'

"Red Hall, my daddy, said, 'We have to go up to get downtown, then we go down from downtown to get back home."

  • Jamie O. Crain says, "Being from Lafayette, when we refer to 'downtown' we are talking about the area of Jefferson Street that is our 'Main Street.'

"'South side' refers to the area south of Johnston Street, and 'north side' is north of Johnston Street.

"When I was a teenager we considered 'going across the river' and going past Judice Inn (a fabulous hamburger joint) as 'going out of town.'"

  • Howard Robichaux, of Marrero, says, "When I was growing up in Mathews, along Bayou Lafourche, we had 'up the bayou, down the bayou, across the bayou, gong to the front, going to the back.'

"'To the front' meant going to the local store (Murphy’s), and 'to the back' meant going to the woods."

Special People Dept.

  • Cyril Nelson, of Metairie, celebrates his 98th birthday Thursday, July 25. He's been a Louisiana resident since 1962.
  • Clark and Pat Duhe, of Lutcher, celebrate their 60th anniversary Thursday, July 25.
  • Bob and Barbara Biletnikoff celebrate their 55th anniversary Thursday, July 25.

Crumbs of knowledge

I normally use my home computer (I call him "Mac") for mundane stuff: checking email, fooling with the column, keeping up with the family on Facebook, and checking the decline of humanity on Twitter.

But the other evening I went to a seldom-used site for a modest financial transaction.

Just as it was about to be completed, Mac shut down and let me know he had a problem with my "cookies." (I'm no longer surprised about what computers know about my personal life.)

I told him all I knew was we had only half a box of Girl Scout Cookies left in the freezer (the ones with peanut butter in the middle).

Since I got no response from him, I don't know what to do to finish my transaction. If appears my options are to:

1. Call a human on the phone, assuming the company I'm calling has any humans left there.

2. Find a 13-year-old kid to fix the computer's cookie problem (preferably a Girl Scout with a stash left in her freezer).

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