Among the many reasons I love folks in this part of the world is their practical way of looking at the issues.

As you might have noticed, many readers have been telling stories about squirrels.

What struck me about this is the fact that after the first squirrel story appeared, I quickly received two notes discussing squirrel sauce piquante …

Stalking Bigfoot

Speaking of squirrel hunts, John Loe, of Baton Rouge, says, "I was in my north Louisiana high school in the early '70s when the movie 'The Legend of Boggy Creek' came out — about Bigfoot roaming around Fouke, Arkansas.

"My best bud and I went to see the movie one Friday night, and headed to our favorite squirrel hunting area pre-dawn that Saturday.

"It was a cool, foggy morning in the 'bottom,' which had plenty of oak trees laden with acorns.

"As per norm, we went in opposite directions, and ever so slowly walked along, scanning for the tree rats.

"With the fog, all of nature’s noises were amplified — every time an acorn or twig fell, I had visions of Bigfoot sneaking up on me.

"This controlled panic went on for about 45 minutes before my partner and I encountered each other — both of us with shotguns on shoulders.

"After pointing our guns skyward, we decided it was time to quit the hunt — for safety’s sake."

Some excuse!

Linda H. Whitman, of Denham Springs, thinks like Mrs. Anders:

When she and husband, Herb, noticed something was eating all the cat food, they set a trap and caught a raccoon.

Here's the key passage: "We decided it was a good excuse to eat at Middendorf's, so we took it to the boaters' parking lot."

They let the beast out, he darted off, and "the thin fried catfish was good."

Catchy lyrics

Laura Robertson says, "I remember the Baton Rouge song Marion Denova talked about in Tuesday's column.

"It seems to me part of it went, 'Rouge means red and baton means stick; now turn them around and you know the trick. They call it Baton Rouge…'"

That's scary!

Every time I get a note like this one from Pat Lohr, I recall those science-fiction stories about robots taking over humans:

"I am a very senior citizen and I am constantly amazed at the technology of computers and iPhones.

"Every Saturday my husband and I go to 4 o'clock Mass. Recently, as we were leaving, when I started the motor this message popped up on my iPhone: 'You are 20 minutes from Hatchell Lane; at the corner take a left,' etc.

"I never at any time programmed my phone with this information. My smartphone KNEW we were going to church!

"If you ask me, I think smartphones are getting a little too smart."

Yo, that's bad!

Ralph Drouin, of Baton Rouge, addresses a recent column topic:

"Speaking of bad jokes, this one was in the first 'Rocky' movie.

"Rocky asked Adrian the following question in his heavy accent: 'Yo, Adrian. Do you know why cows wear bells? Because their horns don’t work.'”

Special People Dept.

— Alene Jones McNamara Watts celebrates her 100th birthday Thursday. She's a native of Louisville, Kentucky, a University of Louisville graduate, and a published poet.

— Beulah Ferachi, of Plaquemine, celebrates her 94th birthday Thursday.

— Rayford Chatelain, of Metairie, celebrated his 93rd birthday Sept. 21.

— Retired Army Brig. Gen. Russell A. Mayeur, of Metairie, celebrated his 90th birthday on Saturday.

Story time

Harry Clark, of Lafayette, says comments about column stories that start with 'This actually happened …' remind him of an old Navy saying: "The difference between a fairy tale and a sea story is that one starts with 'Once upon a time …' and the other starts with 'This is no (censored)…'"

Baby talk

Laments about the youth of the LSU football team brought this response from Marvin Borgmeyer:

"I wonder if Coach O remembers the quote from Vanderbilt football coach George MacIntyre when he spoke of his team with 26 freshmen and 25 sophomores: 'Our biggest concern this season will be diaper rash.'"

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