Joe Mistretta, of Donaldsonville, says, "Community Coffee has always been part of our road trip kit, and it was present in the trunk of our car when I took the family to Washington, D.C., for a summer vacation in the late '80s.

"My daughter was attending UNO at the time and doing an internship at the Sheraton Hotel in New Orleans. Through her connections, she booked us a room at the Ritz-Carlton, just two blocks from the White House.

"As we drove up in our Honda Civic, dressed in shorts, T-shirts and flip flops, we were in sharp contrast to the other guests stepping out of limousines in formal attire.

"Upon opening the trunk to retrieve our suitcases, the aroma of that Community baking in the trunk overwhelmed the bellhop tending to our luggage.

"He looked very intently at my wife and told her, 'No cooking in the room.'

"Did someone say 'country come to town?'"

Coffee and WHAT?

OK, just one more coffee story. …

Joanne Moulton, of New Orleans, says, "When my Senior Games volleyball team traveled from our New Orleans area to other parts of the country for tournaments, we brought our coffee makings with us. But occasionally we had to make do with coffee from a national chain.

"So we would ask for 'Chicory, please.'

"We then could tell the barista and any overhearing customers what really tasty coffee was like."

Joanne, I'm assuming you never actually GOT the chicory from the barista — did you?

Hall of music

After Frank Fronczek told of singing in the communal showers back when LSU's Hatcher Hall was a men's dorm, Ann Maverick provided this addition to his story:

"Frank wondered if there is still singing in Hatcher Hall, now that it is full of offices and has no showers.

"My partner in life (and colleague of Frank’s) has an office in Hatcher. If you listen carefully, you will surely hear him humming or whistling a few bars of Bach in the hallways or, at graduation season, the LSU alma mater, which he invariably is called upon to lead at the College of Science ceremony."

Special People Dept.

Betty Boudreaux, of Baton Rouge, celebrates her 95th birthday Wednesday, May 15.

Creative surgery

Joan Normand, an registered nurse, comments on our recent item about a kid's thwarted attempt to give his buddy cherry bounce to ease the pain of an encounter with a nail:  

"Reading your article about the nail through the toe reminded me of a patient who hobbled into our orthopedic clinic about 20 years ago.

"The guy was on the verge of tears as he proceeds to tell us he had shot a large nail, with his air gun, through his boot and into his big toe.

"Never at a loss as what to do in an urgent situation, Dr. Brent Bankston turns to me and says, 'Go to X-ray and get me Mr. Charlie's hammer in his tool box.'

"I only wished we had some of my dad's cherry bounce on hand for that poor soul."

Joan, on the one occasion, I saw Dr. Bankston about some long-forgotten injury. He seemed to have a healthy sense of humor. So I trust this was the case on the occasion you mentioned, and he was only kidding.

If not, I'm just glad my condition didn't require the use of hardware. …

High jump champ

Tim Palmer, of Lafayette, says, "The mention of the hunting trip in your column on Friday morning from Alex 'Sonny' Chapman, of Ville Platte, reminded me of the story that Justin Wilson told about a hunting trip he was on when a bear started chasing him.

"When telling the story to his friend, he said there was just one tree nearby, and the lowest limb was 20 feet up, so he just jumped for it.

"The friend asked if he caught the limb, and Justin replied, 'Not on the way up, but I got it on the way down … I guarantee!'”

And as I recall, that last word would have been pronounced by Justin as "gar-ron-tee."

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