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Every year about this time, when a change in the weather occurs, I recall one of my favorite "Only in Louisiana" stories: 

On a crisp fall morning, I was walking into Baton Rouge's downtown post office when I overheard a conversation by two guys in front of me.

One said, "Don't you just love this cooler weather?"

The other replied, "Yeah, it makes me want to kill a pig!" 

Lively levee

Bo Bienvenu, of Prairieville, recalls this "Only in Louisiana" moment:

"My favorite cheer was not heard at a sporting event. It was called 'The Levee Yell' and was performed by a well-lubricated bonfire group for a TV crew filming the festivities on the levee in Gramercy on a Christmas Eve many years ago:

"Gimme an A


"Gimme an E


"What’s dat spell?


Smart folks

Speaking of school cheers, Paul Warnke says Northwestern University, a private school in Evanston, Illinois, "has high academic standards, which they blame for a poor football team. (Playing in the Big 10 doesn't help.)

"Their cheer is, 'That's alright, that's OK; you're going to work for us some day!'"

(I've heard that cheer used by fans at Duke and other schools with high academic standards.) 

How about 'Nats?'

Alex "Sonny" Chapman, of Ville Platte, comments on a Wednesday item about my home town of Natchez, Mississippi: 

"Your recent reference to another person from Natchez as a fellow Natchezian looked a little strange — even though we do call ourselves Ville Plattians.

"And the folks from Mamou call themselves Yans; short for Mamouians, with a thick Cajun flat accent.

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"My question, though, is what do folks from Natchitoches call themselves? And can they say it in only one breath?"

Kodak moment

At the risk of taking business away from Heloise, here's a helpful hint from John Cunningham:

"Important information for anybody with flood-damaged pictures, slides and films:

"Any silver halide (from before digital imaging) photos in albums, stored away in boxes, etc., can be rescued by placing them in a tub of tap water (NO BLEACH!) for a few hours, possibly for a few days.

"Don’t try to pull them apart, especially if they are dry. They were born in water, and there they will recover. Hang them up to dry, then place them in the pages of a dictionary, etc., to flatten them out.

"Drying home movies may require some creativity, but it goes without saying that the film and negatives must be dry before re-rolling.

"This wisdom is presented from a storehouse of residual knowledge from working in Eastman Kodak’s business systems operations."

Happy returns

Patrick Stewart thanks the thoughtful person who saved his debit card after it was left in a La Cap credit union ATM.  

"It happened on a Saturday. I had called the 800 number to cancel my card and was informed that the card is usually removed from the machine by the institution if it stays in for any length of time.

"So on Monday morning I went to retrieve my card, and learned that some other customer had found the card in the ATM, left a note, and put it in the deposit box where it would be safe.

"I would like to thank that person from the bottom of my heart. I know there are some good people in the world."

Special People Dept.

— Lillie Major "Pigeon" Thibaut, of Oscar, celebrates her 100th birthday Thursday, Sept. 23. She was the 1942 LSU homecoming queen, and a fan of Tigers football and baseball. She lives less than a mile away from her birthplace.

— Bertha Mims Methe celebrates her 98th birthday Thursday, Sept. 23. She has been a member of Kenner First Baptist Church for 68 years, and now lives "near Lake Ramsey on the north shore."

Voice lesson

Marvin Borgmeyer, of Baton Rouge, sings the praises of modern communications technology:

"I love how 'voice to text' is always so a carrot."

Brief explanation

Charlie Anderson, of Shreveport, says one of his favorite quotes is this one, from the sports columnist and short story writer Ring Lardner: "'Shut up,' he explained."

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