The impact of LSU's incredible year on the gridiron continues to be felt by folks of all ages. 

Redean Parsons, of St. Francisville, says, "Two of my great-grandsons were with their families at the Superdome that Monday night to witness LSU win the national championship.

"The next morning at breakfast, Jack and Luke, ages 11 and 10, were overheard discussing the game. They wondered just how they would tell their grandchildren about this historic event!"

Follow that voice

John Cavell Jr., of Baton Rouge, suggests a marketing opportunity stemming from the Tigers' football success:

"I realize the confetti has not even settled from the national championship, but I do have a request of LSU and coach Ed Orgeron: Please find the time to be the voice for Google's Waze GPS directional app?

"LSU already uses the Waze app for directions on game day parking. If they can get Cookie Monster and Mr. T., then there is a demand for Coach O!"

Weekend matriculation

Janice DeJean, of Baton Rouge, addresses the fallout of LSU's decision to give students two days off for the national championship game:

"Can you imagine the moaning and groaning of LSU students when the announcement was made that the two days of missed classes would be made up on Saturdays?

"Back in the mid ’60s, when I attended LSU, Saturday classes were a part of my schedule.

"Ah, the ’60s! Don't you just love ‘em?"

Which reminds me

Mention of LSU's Saturday classes brings to mind a favorite story about the late Bill Haag, an anthropology professor with a wicked sense of humor.

Saturday classes at that time ended at noon. On the Saturday before the Christmas break, I was in his 11 a.m. class.

Our cars were all packed and we were ready to head out for the holidays. Other profs that day had dismissed us early — John Hazard Wildman had read his English class a short Victorian Christmas story and let us go.

As we waited for Bill to arrive, a student wrote "Merry Christmas, Dr. Haag" on the chalkboard. Dr. Haag came in, looked at the board, erased the message, and wrote "Bah! Humbug!" — then proceeded to lecture for the whole hour, ignoring our wails of dismay. 

Memories of Hank

Speaking of football, Keith Horcasitas, of Baton Rouge, tells who he's rooting for in the Super Bowl, and why:

"With the Super Bowl lineup being Kansas City versus San Francisco, I can't help but have some memories of Hank Stram and what he did in the past for KC in winning a Super Bowl in 1970, and how he coached the New Orleans Saints in 1976-1977!"

'You gonna eat that?'

Our story about killing a deer with a vehicle reminds me of daughter Tammy and son-in-law Boyce on their honeymoon trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Driving through rural Mississippi, they struck a deer with their van, killing it and damaging their vehicle.

Boyce had just stepped out to look at the carnage when two guys in a pickup truck drove up and asked him if they could have the deer. They tossed it in the bed of the truck and sped off.

Tammy says she has the idea that those guys regularly cruised roads around there, looking for such accidents and reaping the benefit — without having to shell out for a hunting license.   

Special People Dept.

  • Lorena "Ti-Moon" Guilbeau, of the Ossun community near Scott, celebrated her 109th birthday Sunday, Jan. 19.
  • Wiley and Audrey Duke celebrate their 71st anniversary Tuesday, Jan. 21. He is a World War II Battle of the Bulge veteran.
  • JoAnn Ecuyer Mc Neel and Maj. Ted C. McNeel Sr., of Metairie, celebrated their 57th anniversary Sunday, Jan. 19. He is a retired Marine Corps veteran.

Cajun solution

Alex Chapman, of Ville Platte, comments on our Monday story about a gent plagued by pesky squirrels in his bird feeder:

"To all of those folks out there who are having squirrel problems, I have two words to say: VILLE PLATTE.

"And the meat won’t go to waste."

Majestic reaction

Algie Petrere likes this little joke:

Dentist: "You need a crown."

Me: "Finally, someone who understands me!"

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