Retailers can learn to deal with adversity from the experience of Lawrence Falcon, grandfather of Chuck Falcon, of Donaldsonville.

Chuck says, "The story of the horse saddle reminded me of a story about my grandfather, who worked for B. Lemann & Bros. (the historic Donaldsonville store).

"He started working for Lemann's in 1916 and worked till the time of his death in 1972. He worked his way up to become the manager of the hardware department.

"He once sold a saddle to a farmer, but couldn’t remember who he had sold it to.

"At the end of the month he billed every farmer for a saddle. Problem solved — the farmer who bought the saddle paid for it, no questions asked."

Weathering the job

Mary Sue Meador, of Baton Rouge, says 8-year-old great-granddaughter Molly Olivia Cramer, a student at Episcopal school, wrote this description of the duties of meteorologists:

"They wake up and come to figure out what the weather is."

Mary Sue says she "loves" the description, and adds, "I think of Pat Shingleton waking up, rushing to the station to 'find out what the weather is.'"

I admit that's an interesting picture, Mary Sue, but I have it on good authority that Pat gets his daily weather information from the Farmers' Almanac.

Fan interference

Baseball's not the only sport in which overzealous fans can change the outcome of a game (if you think I'm talking about the Astros being robbed of a home run in a playoff game with the Red Sox, you're absolutely right).

But I digress…

Nobey Benoit says, "My first and only trip to Mexico was a memorable one. While stationed at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, for training, a group of us went to Nogales, Mexico, right across the border, to attend a bullfight.

"Having no knowledge of the sport, I felt like Andy Griffith did at his first football game. (Andy's "What It Was, Was Football" monologue introduced America to his country-fried humor.)  

"Although the matador's performance at the main event was memorable, I'll never forget the guy on the horse that 'teases' the bull before the fight.

"His horse had what looked like a futon mattress strapped under it to protect it from the bull's horns. One time, the bull lifted the horse off of the ground and threw the rider off. The rider ran to the fence and jumped into the stands.

"I guess this was against the rules, because the spectators threw him back over the fence, jumped into the arena and placed him back on the horse. He never went near the bull again.

"The matador won."

Good Samaritans

"Mrs. B." thanks Officer Purcell of the Baton Police Department and three firefighters — Garian Barnes, Jason Alexander and Randy Luteman — who came when she called about a dog locked in a hot car.

She says they opened the car door, gave the dog water — and "fussed at" the dog's owner when she showed up. 

Before Amazon

Carol Stutzenbecker, of Kenner, adds to this column's Sears nostalgic stories:

"My children and I always looked forward to getting a Sears catalog. They thought of it as a 'wish book,' and spent many hours poring through the pages — especially at Christmas!
"My favorite memory was when I ordered my daughter a pair of fleece pajamas through the catalog. I even paid extra for home delivery.
"How convenient this was — not having to get out in the cold snap to buy a pair of warm pajamas!
"A new age was coming!"
Indeed it was, and it's ironic that the home delivery pioneered by Sears played a major role in the demise of its brick-and-mortar stores.
By the way, Sears catalogs were also prized by country folks, as many older readers no doubt recall… 

Special People Dept.

  • A.J. and Arlene Hymel celebrated 57 years of marriage on Sunday, Oct. 21. 

No "listening aids"

J.B. Castagnos, of Donaldsonville, says, "Smiley, I've been following the 'hearing' thread.

"I told my wife I have two problems: hard of hearing and hard of listening.

"Hearing aids have helped with the hearing; not much improvement on the listening."

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