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After Scott Rabalais, in The Advocate's Friday Sports section, mentioned Dennis Quaid in the football movie "Everybody's All-American," I heard from Ronnie Stutes, of Baton Rouge:

"As I was leaving the theater after seeing 'The Big Easy' for the first time, I was wondering if anyone else was annoyed at the way Dennis Quaid, as Remy McSwain, pronounced 'cher.'

"I soon got my answer. One of the two women preceding me up the aisle said to the other, 'If he had said 'share' one more time …'

"So, when I got cast as Remy's attorney, Lamar Parmentel, in the TV series of the same name, I resolved to do my best to keep the people of Louisiana from having to hear 'share' all through the series.

"Sure enough, on the first day of filming, Remy had a line ending with 'cher.' I was sitting with Tony Crane, who played Remy in the series, and asked a favor of him: 'Whatever you do, please don't pronounce "cher" as "share."'

"Moments later, the director, James Frawley, came by and told Tony what he wanted him to do after that line ending with 'cher,' which he pronounced as 'share.'

"I explained to him that the thing most people in south Louisiana remember about the movie was Dennis Quaid's mispronunciation of 'cher.'

"He seemed a bit dubious when I gave him the correct pronunciation, but I have noted when rewatching the series (now available on Amazon Prime Video), that there was no 'share' to be heard."

Fun with French

Lester Galt, of Baton Rouge, evidently feels our language discussion has gotten a bit too serious:

"The most proper French language is spoken and written by the most educated people in France.

"The next most proper French is by the rest of France.

"Then comes the Cajun/zydeco French, which varies a little from town to town and parish to parish.

"Finally comes light-hearted 'Frenchification,' such as putting 'geaux' at the end of an English word.

"To insist that 'Frenchification' is not proper French is to miss the point entirely and to belabor the most obvious.

"No, it's not proper and never pretended to be. It's just for fun."

Ancient relic

Alex "Sonny" Chapman, of Ville Platte, says, "As Hurricane Ida approached and I checked out the latest brightly colored cone showing its projected path, I had a flashback to the "hurricane tracking chart."

"You listened to the latest longitude/latitude coordinates on radio or TV and marked the spot on your map. You could connect the dots to plot the course.

"Try to explain that to grandkids today. First question:  'What’s a longitude?'"

Special People Dept.

— Joe "Uncle Joe" Horil, of St. Francis Villa, River Ridge, celebrated his 101st birthday Saturday, August 28. He is a World War II veteran. Asked to explain how he lived to this age, he said, "I guess I must be doing something right!"

— Dorothy "Dot" Piazza, of Walker, celebrates her 98th birthday Monday, August 30. She was born in and spent most of her life in Baton Rouge.

— Gertrude Sanchez Simoneaux, of Brusly St. Martin, celebrates her 90th birthday Monday, August 30.

— Peter and Olive Basha, of Lane Senior Care, Zachary, celebrate 74 years of marriage Monday, August 30. He's from New Orleans, she's from Cottonport.

— Dee and Rosie Hernandez, of Port Allen, celebrate their 74th anniversary Monday, August 30.

— Nolan and Emma Landry, of Lafayette, celebrated their 62nd anniversary Sunday, August 29.

— Tommy and Nelva Daigle, of Houma, celebrated their 56th anniversary Saturday, August 28.

Hunker-down food

This scene played out Friday in a Louisiana home that will remain nameless:

Husband: "I got everything on your list at the store; we're ready for Ida."

Wife: "I didn't have Spam on my list. What's this can doing here?"

Husband: "It's for the hurricane. I always get Spam for a hurricane. It doesn't have to be refrigerated."

Wife: "We have a generator now; we shouldn't lose power."

Husband: "Well, you never know …"

Question: From this conversation, can you determine which spouse has a totally irrational prejudice against canned pork products? 

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