While the autocorrect feature on phones and computers can be frustrating, it sometimes gives us amusing "corrections."

Here's a post-Hurricane Ida story from Margaret Hawkins, of Ponchatoula:

"With huge trees down in our yard, water lines broken, the yard wrecked and rutted by extraction machinery, no electricity, no landline (oops, that's telling …), and no garbage pickup, my friend Jennifer's hilarious and inept autocorrector made my day.

"She wrote, 'I had to move my pants out of my garage because they were so stinky!'

"Followed shortly by 'CANS! CANS!'"

Generator explained

J.B. Castagnos, of Donaldsonville, says, "Going back to another hurricane: Andrew left us without power in 1992.

"I brought a generator home, connected it and started it.

"My 4-year-old son came out and asked, 'What's that, Dad?'

"I said, 'A generator. Do you know what that makes?'

"He said, 'Noise.'"

Pleasing 'Sugar Pie'

Richard Fossey, of Baton Rouge, tells of a pleasant discovery:

"When my wife and I lived in Dallas, we made many road trips to Baton Rouge to visit family. We were always looking for a nice family restaurant on Interstate 20 where we could stop for lunch.

"Finally, we came across Jim's Barbecue in Wascom, Texas, just a few miles west of Shreveport.

"Our waitress was gracious and friendly, and she addressed both my wife and me as 'Honey' or 'Sweetheart.'

"The food was excellent, but the clincher came when I paid the bill.

"'Would you like a go-cup for your sweet tea, Sugar Pie?' my waitress asked.

"We always stop there when we drive to Dallas. …"

Confusing confection

Janice DeJean, of Baton Rouge, says, "There is a word game that appears in the Sunday Advocate which instructs the reader to make other words (four or more letters) from a given word.

"Recently, this was the word, along with its pronunciation and definition: 'PRALINE: PRAY-leen: A confection of nuts stirred in boiling sugar water.'

"I'm trying to figure out: 1. Who would pronounce it that way? 2. Who would eat such an unappetizing concoction?"

Well-bread linemen

Sam King offers "A great big thank you for the New York linemen who repaired lines on Graveyard Island (on Belle River in St. Martin Parish) and restored power — although keeping cautious eyes out for alligators while so doing.

"Couldn't get an answer when asked how many Yankees it took to put a pole in hole.

"They were a great group of guys, who readily appreciated six loaves of Linda Kay's banana nut bread."

Illinois smile

"I just spoke to a lineman who came to Louisiana to help us," says Dolly Williams, of Baton Rouge's Old Jefferson area:

"He came to our neighborhood today because a truck hit a power pole on a major intersection, and most of our neighborhood lost power. Within a couple of hours, there were 10 trucks working to replace the pole.

"I went outside and talked to the lineman. I asked him where he was from; he said Illinois.

"I said I would contact his governor and thank him for sending people to help us. He smiled at me and said, 'Thank you.' I will remember him and his smile."

Special People Dept.

  • Carrie Smiley, of Denham Springs, celebrated her 99th birthday Sunday, Sept. 12.
  • Lynn and Randy Bergeron Jr., of Lacombe, celebrate their 58th anniversary Tuesday, Sept. 14.

How cheerful!

"I'm glad I got back from my evacuation in time to add to the discussion of college cheers," says Lee Blotner, of Metairie.

"The University of Tennessee plays Austin Peay State University in basketball at least once every season. It is hard to miss APSU's student cheer as it rings throughout the arena: 'LET'S GO PE-EY, LET'S GO PE-EY!'"

Party lines

One more "autocorrect" story, from "Eastside Curmudgeon:"

"After Ida’s passage, as we all watched the seemingly random return of electricity throughout Baton Rouge, my nearby daughter suddenly had power.

"My neighbor asked if my daughter was on Demco or Entergy. I didn’t know, so I texted her.

"Well, spell check apparently never heard of a 'Demco,' so sent, ‘Are you on Democrat or Entergy?'

"Daughter sent back, 'We’re on Democrat, but only for electricity.'”

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