Dudley Lehew, of Marrero, says he and Mary, his wife for over 30 years, celebrate the night they first met rather than their anniversary, and he tries to make it special:  

"For our 25th, for example, I told her to take a cocktail dress to work and be ready for a surprise. I was wearing a suit when I picked her up.

"I drove across the river to the Port Allen levee, getting there at dusk.

"We walked up to the lovely park where the old ferry landing once stood — and there sat a catered table — white tablecloth, candles and flowers.

"As we sat down to eat and the caterer poured the champagne, the magnificent Baton Rouge skyline began to light and sparkle as nightfall descended.

"About halfway through dinner, a friend walked up and played romantic songs on his guitar.

"It turned out the most romantic spot I could find in Baton Rouge was Port Allen!"

Growing pains

Karen Poirrier, of Lutcher, says, "I received a phone call late one night during the week from my son David asking that my husband Buddy and I stop at his home on our way back from Baton Rouge. His 3-year-old daughter, Kenley, was asking for her grandparents.

"Upon arrival, we learned that she wasn't only asking, but was crying, to visit her Lutcher house.

"As I explained that a visit was out of the question because she had school the next day and needed to go to bed and sleep, she replied, 'School days are too long and too many.'

"I wonder how she'll feel when she's in 'real' school and has homework!"

No squirrel for you!

Patrick Howard, of Zachary, says Chapman Morgan's Sept. 20 story about an unfortunate squirrel hunt reminded him of this story of hunters going hungry:

"Chapman, don't feel too bad about not having squirrel for supper.

"When I was a teenager, my father, my uncle and I were squirrel hunting on the Neches River bottom in Texas.

"We spotted a squirrel high up in an oak tree and started taking shots at it.

"Unfortunately it did not fall from the tree, so as any good hunter would do, we continued to take shots, in turn. After about 10 shots each, we still hadn't dislodged that critter.

"So, not having any shells left, we decided we had had enough. Although we were disappointed, we did have a good time, as we would have a great story to tell."

(And the squirrel, if he survived, would have an even better story to tell…)

Directional duet

"Regarding GPS voices," says Jo Ann Paulin, of Metairie, "I inadvertently used two apps on my phone to search for my destination.

"When I got close, all of a sudden I was being spoken to by two different people — one male and one female. It was hilarious.

"The comforting thought was they were both pretty close on their directions."

Special People Dept.

  • Muriel Martin, of Slidell, celebrates her 100th birthday on Wednesday, Sept. 27.
  • Eleanor Hopkins, of Branch, celebrates her 90th birthday on Wednesday, Sept. 27.
  • Eugene and Evelyn Crockett celebrate 64 years of marriage on Wednesday, Sept. 27.

Total recall

Russ Wise, of LaPlace, says he long struggled to remember his anniversary date:

"Finally my C.P.A. wife pointed out that August 9, 1979 is 8-9-79 — the same as the combination to my high school locker!"

Creative toasting

Here's an oldie from Tony Falterman, of Napoleonville:

"A bartender notices that Boudreaux comes into the bar, orders three beers and drinks them.

"Curious, he asks Boudreaux the story behind his actions.

"Boudreaux responds by saying he was in the military and was very close to two of his comrades in arms. He says that on the appointed hour and day of the week, although they lived miles apart, they all drank three beers for each other in a sign of friendship.

"A few weeks later Boudreaux come in and orders two beers. The bartender immediately offers his condolences on the death of one of his comrades.

"Boudreaux says, 'Nobody died; I quit drinking for Lent!'"

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