Bob Martin, a "Louisiana native and Lawrenceville, Georgia, resident," gives this example of the way children reason:

"In 2002 I was visiting friends when their floppy-eared dog entered the room. Wanting to entertain their almost-4-year-old son James, I called out, 'Here kitty, kitty; here kitty, kitty!'

"James immediately called out, 'Mr. Bob! That's not a CAT! That's a DOG!'

"I said, 'You know, James; you're right! I get them mixed up all the time!'

"He told me, 'Mr. Bob, always remember: Cats have UP ears and dogs have DOWN ears!'

"What beautiful logic for a child. Don't you love 'em?"

Skating through Lent

Beth Herring Knight, of Lafayette, recalls how south Louisiana towns practiced Lent "when mainly Catholic communities undertook 'giving up' something for the period.

"In Raceland, where I grew up in the '50s, we had a public dance hall, The Fun Pavilion, which had very well attended Friday and Saturday dances (think Boogie Kings).

"But many folks gave up dancing for Lent. So to keep the crowds satisfied and money coming in, dancing was replaced with roller skating.

"The dance floor would be exchanged for a wooden skating rink, the weekend fun could go on, and the penance of not dancing during Lent would still be preserved. Of course, it was back to normal on Easter Sunday."

Silly Song Dept.

Frank Fronczek, of Baton Rouge, says, "The Mowata story in the Tuesday column reminds me of a silly old Kingston Trio song about a conversation between a railroad ticket agent and a traveler who wants a round trip to a town called Morrow.

"Sample lyrics:

"If you had gone to Morrow yesterday now don't you see,

You could have gone to Morrow and returned today at three.

For the train today to Morrow,

If the schedule is right, today it goes to Morrow and

Returns tomorrow night."

Not a scarf

Jane Honeycutt shares this pandemic observation:

"I have noticed far too many people, particularly employees in the big retail stores, with masks around their necks.

"This does NOT count as wearing a mask to protect customers. Please, let’s all do our part to get control of this virus. I am tired of staying at home so much!"

Optimist that I am, I'm pleased that these folks have mastered Step 1: Wearing a mask. Now, let's move on to Step 2: Wearing a mask correctly.      

Got moist mangoes?

Continuing our seminar on the subject, Elliot says, "Opening plastic bags in the produce department while wearing a mask, I wet my fingers using a drop of water which has been misted on some produce item."

Of course, then you should always buy that particular produce item…

Special People Dept.

  • Janet Williams Damiano, of Kenner, celebrates her 92nd birthday Thursday, July 30. She is a native of Norco.
  • Roy LeJeune celebrates his 92nd birthday Thursday, July 30.
  • T. Med and Mae Kennedy Hogg, of Baton Rouge, celebrate their 72nd anniversary Thursday, July 30. He says, "She's my million dollar baby I found in a Little Rock five and ten cent store."
  • Eileen and Jim Davis, of Morgan City, celebrate their 60th anniversary Thursday, July 30.

Initial reaction

Sometimes it's just too much trouble to think up a clever name for your pets…

Fernand Dionne, of New Orleans, says, "I once owned a dog named JD. During our morning walk, people I met along the way would ask if they could pet JD, and very often ask for his name.

"I would answer, 'JD.'


"'JD — Just a Dog.'

"By the way, I also had a cat named JC…"

Tactful Tib

Our recent story about a funeral director called "Mr. Tact" for his handling of the bereaved reminded Paula King, of Gretna, of this tale:

"Boudreaux and Thibodeaux asked Landry if he wanted to join them fishing. While out on the water, Landry fell out of the boat and drowned.

"Boudreaux offered to tell Landry’s wife what happened. Thibodeax insisted he tell her, because he had more tact.

"Arriving at Landry’s he knocked on the door. When Landry’s wife answered the door he asked, 'Are you the widow Landry?'"

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