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I can't help it. I've developed a fondness for all those stories about "things kids say," and can't get enough of them. For instance, here's one from Faye Hoffman Talbot, of Clinton:

"After 70 it is patch, patch, patch. This week it was getting a broken tooth extracted.

"I gave it to my first grade neighbor to put under his pillow. I told him he might be able to fool the Tooth Fairy and get a lot of money, since it was such a big tooth.

"He asked, 'Is it a permanent tooth?'

"Nothing is permanent after 70."

Poppy's little critic

Phil Ragusa adds to our tales of clever grandchildren and great-grandchildren:

"During a family visit, my great-granddaughter, Anna, asked me a question and I answered, 'I really don't know the answer.'

"She responded, 'Wow, Poppy; that makes a lot of things you don't know!’ ”

Grain of truth

"It's not boring staying in the house for weeks in a row," says Algie Petrere. "But how come one bag of rice has 48,356 grains and the other has 47,998?"

Go, thief, go

Dudley Lehew, of Marrero, responds to a Saturday letter:

"Re fellow column contributor T-Bob Taylor's problem of sanitation workers ignoring an unwanted garbage container on pickup days, here's how to kill two birds with one stone:

"Take the largest cardboard delivery box out of your recycle bin, put the trash can in that box, seal it up and leave it on your front doorstep.

"It will disappear within 24 hours!"

Do you speak Yat?

Our recent discussion of Yat accents brought this recollection from Craig M. Bennett, of Morgan City:

"My father was fond of saying, 'Eyrsters will spirel if you beryl them in earl!’ ”

The waiting game

Ronald Gene Thibodeaux, of Baton Rouge, says, "It takes a lot of patience to do a newspaper crossword puzzle: Patience to wait until tomorrow to get the answers. …"

Other hard times

Tony Falterman, of Napoleonville, offers a post-hurricane history lesson:

"I know the folks in southwest Louisiana have taken two hard hits, but it isn’t the first time nor the last that we will suffer from recurring storms, fires, illnesses, and whatever else is sent our way.

"My dad, who died in 2011 at the age of 100, often told about the high water of 1927 (the 'Great Flood'), a devastating hurricane in 1928 that destroyed outbuildings and crops (there was no prior notice — no TV, radio), and of course the stock market crash at the onset of the Great Depression in 1929.

"He worked in the Civilian Conservation Corps for one dollar a day, and most of the money was sent to his parents. We will survive!"

Special People Dept.

  • Richard Pastorek, of Baton Rouge, celebrated his 96th birthday Friday, Oct. 9. He is a World War II Navy veteran, having served in the Pacific Theater.
  • Darrel and Lorna Beerbohm, of Terrytown, celebrated their 60th anniversary Friday, Oct. 9.
  • Brenda and Ernest J. "Big Ernie" Hernandez, of Baton Rouge, celebrated 59 years of marriage Friday, Oct. 9.

Movies imitate politics

"Sometimes movies say it all," says Marsha R., of Baton Rouge.

"Lately, observing our legislative branches, both state and federal, I keep thinking of 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.'

"There's a scene where the mine owner has hired them to protect him as he brings the miners' payroll back from the bank. On the way to town the daring duo are super vigilant, visibly ready to respond to any nefarious attack.

"Finally, the owner points out, 'They will attack us AFTER we have the payroll. I have idiots on my team.’ ”

What's 'defense?'

On Saturday, winning SEC teams scored 41 points twice, while others racked up 45, 44, and 63 (and that was Alabama!). And losing teams came in at 41, 38, 28, and 48.

To quote Steve Koehler, of Metairie, "I went to an SEC football game, and the Big 12 broke out."

Season from hell?

I don't think we'll be hearing any more comments about a shortened football season.

For LSU fans, this shows signs of being a long season. A very, very long season. ...

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