Dusty Kling, of Baton Rouge, says, "I would be amiss in my amateur proofreading if I failed to bring to your attention a possible misquote in a December Opinion section of The Advocate. 

"Responding to a story, 'How on championship day, legislators are different from you and me' (about perks given lawmakers for sporting events), a legislator said, 'It costs a fortune to work in the Legislature' — when he really meant 'You can MAKE a fortune.’ ” 

Heisman home

Folks in Baton Rouge are long accustomed to viewing Billy Cannon's Heisman Trophy at TJ Ribs as they chomp on their barbecue. 
LSU fan Ernie Gremillion, of Baton Rouge, is worried that when fellow Heisman winner Joe Burrow leaves Baton Rouge to go from a Tiger to (as seems likely) a Bengal, he will take the trophy with him:
"Joe should be reminded of the 'Cannon Covenant' that states since the trophy was earned in Baton Rouge, it should remain in Baton Rouge. You could even sponsor a contest in your column as to where to keep the award on display."

Bear with me

I can't help it; I'm a sucker for those "walks in a bar" stories. Here's one from Algie Petrere, of Central:

A bear walks in a bar.

He says, "I'd like a whiskey and ... Coke."

The bartender asks, "Why the big pause?"

The bear says, "I don't know. I was just born with them."

Dangerous dachshund

"I am enjoying the dog stories," says Glenn Everett, of Broussard. "One recent story brought the following to mind:

"While I was living in Crowley some years ago, my now-deceased dachshund, Hershey, would always accompany me when I retrieved The Advocate.

"One early morning a possum was crossing my neighbor’s yard after a night out. Hershey spotted it and immediately confronted the beast, grabbed it by the neck and shook it for a few seconds.

"After being released the possum rolled over dead. Hershey pranced back, obviously proud of himself. The possum then came back to life and went on his merry way.

"I still get a chuckle when remembering that morning."

Pilfering poodle

Ann Purnell Collom, of Kenner, says, "Reading your column (about dogs who steal people-food) brought back a bad story of our standard poodle, Sabrina Jane Deveroux.

"She was perfectly behaved and had never gotten into food. I had made 30 St. Patrick's Day cookies for our Driftwood Garden Club meeting in March. You make them one day, put icing on them the next day, and decorate them the third day.

"On day three, I went into the dining room to decorate the cookies and screamed, 'Sabrina Jane, did you eat my cookies?' Because 27 of the special cookies were gone.

"I called my co-hostess, Madeleine, almost in tears and told her, 'Guess I'll have to whip up a Scandinavian almond cake for the meeting tonight!’ ”

Sans adults

Carolyn Marse, of Thibodaux, says when granddaughter Eva "told us 'Papa Noel' had left her the unicorn socks she had on, her Gramps said, 'Papa Noel did not leave ME any Unicorn socks!'

"Eva replied, 'GRAMPS! You have to have a KID in your house!’ ”

Special People Dept.

  • Ralph H. Wilder celebrated his 99th birthday Sunday, Jan. 5. He is a World War II Navy veteran, serving on the Yorktown aircraft carrier in the Pacific.
  • Ella Bertrand, of Crowley, was 95 Sunday, Jan. 5, an event preceded by a Dec. 28 party for her.
  • Norman Bryant, of Amber Terrace Assistant Living in Baton Rouge, celebrates his 92nd birthday Monday, Jan. 6.
  • James “Buck” and Betty Stewart celebrated their 60th anniversary Dec. 24.

Sign language

Joel d'Aquin Thibodeaux, of Baton Rouge, says, "I saw this bumper sticker today: 'Never do anything that you wouldn't want to explain to a paramedic.’ ”

Gertrude Beauford, of Lakeland, recalls the old Burma Shave road signs, which, in the pre-interstate highway days, advertised their shaving cream with pithy sayings on multiple road signs.

She addresses my recent well-deserved vacation, telling me:

"Smiley, Smiley,

Where have you been?

We hope the beach

and not the pen."

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