Dear Smiley: Please spread the word that after Hurricane Michael, Panama City Beach is almost completely open. We are helping this entire region with services and supplies.

Many employers are posting urgent pleas for workers: stores, restaurants, construction companies, etc.

Area real estate firms are glad to coordinate searches for places to lease or rent.

There is plenty of gasoline. There is also tap water that is cleared, tastes great and is fully on.

Donations? Consider contacting your church to accomplish safe church-to-church donations.


Panama City Beach, Florida

Universal language

Dear Smiley: The story about wing flapping and clucking to order chicken in Peru reminds me of taking friends to a concert near London while in the Air Force.

Looked for a restroom, we saw a pub, didn't want their warm beer, and didn't want to explain.

Knowing that in England it was common to flush toilets by pulling a chain on an overhead tank, we walked in pretending to pull a chain, in rhythm!



Tighten up!

Dear Smiley: Granddaughter Zelda, 4, and I were working on a puzzle. When she did well fitting her pieces together, I told her she was smart.

When I was having difficulty with mine, she said, "I guess you aren't as smart as I am."

I told her that wasn't a nice thing to say to her GG, and she responded, "Maybe your brain is just loose today."

Now I have an explanation for those senior moments — a loose brain! If only I could find a way to tighten it…


Baton Rouge

The littlest thespian

Dear Smiley: During my visit in Baton Rouge, I enjoyed many visits with the 2-year-old cousin of the 7-year-old "drama queen" I wrote about earlier.

I became concerned, as he always had Band-Aids on various parts of his body.

One day, as his mom left the room, his aunt and I witnessed him knock over some chunky shoes, carefully fall down to the floor, and lie there crying for his mom.

He had a big grin on his face when he found out he had been caught in the act(ing).


Livingston, Texas

Bulls and Tigers

Dear Smiley: Nobey Benoit’s story of the bullfight in Mexico reminded me of my experience.

I was dove hunting in McAllen, Texas, with the late Sheriff Jessel Ourso. We decided we would attend a bullfight, and paid for an interpreter to show us around.

At the bullfight, instead of "Olé" we began shouting “Gooo Tigers!” — at which point some college kids from LSU walked over from the other side of the stadium with an ice chest full of cold cervezas!

We had a real fiesta in the stands — and didn’t watch the blood and gore in the ring!



Catch that wasn't

Dear Smiley: I watched the Red Sox/Astros playoff game you referenced. Red Sox player Mookie Betts had the ball in his grasp while at the peak of a magnificent leap at the stands when an enthusiastic Astros fan jostled his glove, causing the ball to fall out.

It was an out either way, thanks to an over-eager Houston fan. Yes, I’m a Red Sox fan, but endless slow motion replays don’t lie.



Dear Marilyn: That's the kind of play we can spend gray, cold winter days reliving and arguing about…

Safety first

Dear Smiley: Many years ago my ship, the USS Dubuque, pulled into White Beach, Okinawa.

I had shore patrol duty the first night in port. When I went into the shore patrol office at the head of the pier, there was a sign posted at the counter. It said, "Please do not ask to borrow a pen or pencil. If your command doesn't trust you with sharp objects, why should we?"




Dear Smiley: I am sure that many of your readers were as shocked as I was when I read the last item in your Friday column.

You admitted you took off your hearing aids when you got home from WORK. Where do you work?


Baton Rouge

Dear Marvin: Sorry. Should have said, "…from the office…" 


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