Duke Rivet, of Baton Rouge, says, "Growing up on a poultry farm during the Eisenhower administration, my city slicker cousins from New Orleans would often come to stay with their country cousins near Marksville during the summer.

"Always looking for something to liven up the long summer days, my oldest cousin, Ron, would often come up with a novel 'fun' thing to do.

"The one I remember best is the time he sprayed my younger brother and me with a hose (we were about 3 or 4 at the time), rolled us in chicken mash (we only had shorts on), and positioned us in front of the doors of one the poultry houses, which contained hundreds of hungry White Rock chickens.

"He swung open the doors and the chickens came pouring out, chasing two screaming little boys, running for their lives.

"We survived the prank none the worse for wear, but to this day, I never pass up the chance to eat chicken!"

Puppy love

T.W. says, "My 'fuzzy mutt' rescue dog, Winnie, likes to take quick dips in the pool to cool off, usually just swimming a quick little circle around the steps.

"One day, however, as I was submerged for about 30 seconds in the deep end to clear leaves from the drain, I noticed when I came back up that she was halfway across the pool, swimming toward me.

"When we made eye contact she turned back around to the steps.

"I made a second leaf dive, and, sure enough, the same thing happened.

"Now, she likes the water but had never ventured that far out without me calling and begging her to swim to me. It took me a few minutes to realize she was coming to rescue me because she thought I was drowning.

"I do not deserve the unconditional love of that beautiful ratty little dawg!"

Canines' Carnival

Andree Herrington, of Metairie, says, "Years ago my son had a black lab, Jack. He took Jack to college to live with him and his roommates in a farm house in Virginia.

"Jack learned to drink beer out of a can (I am ashamed to say) and party with the boys. When my son graduated, Jack went with him, a couple of his friends, and a new puppy to live in the D.C. area.

"One year at Mardi Gras (good mother that I am), I had a large cream-filled king cake sent to their house.

"Jack broke out of the house, followed by the puppy, found the king cake, and ate the entire thing!

"When the guys got home, they found a sheepish Jack and a very full puppy. Jack got the nickname Houdini!

"The bakery thought it was so funny they sent them another king cake free. The boys managed to keep Houdini from eating it."

Customer service

Michael Romano says, "I had to comment on your Borden's articles.

"My dad owned a grocery store on North Boulevard in Baton Rouge. I filled in for him on Sundays.

"One Sunday morning before I opened there was a knock on the door. It was Borden's district supervisor, who told me, 'My wife and I are on our way to church and I wanted to see if you needed more ice cream…'

"Talk about dedication!"

Special People Dept.

  • Hazel Hebert, of Crowley, now a resident of Live Oak Park assisted living facility in Slidell, celebrates her 92nd birthday Wednesday, Jan. 15.
  • A.J. and Barbara Vicknair Laurent, of Plaquemine, celebrate their 65th anniversary Wednesday, Jan. 15.
  • Bob and Nola Burleson, of Greenwell Springs, celebrate their 60th anniversary Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Worse verse

For a while, I ran haikus, the Japanese verse form of five, seven and five syllables. I found that people either loved them or hated them.

Algie Petrere is in the latter category:

"Haikus are not my favorite kind of poetry. I'm old fashioned and like for my poems to rhyme. However, I ran across this haiku that I found amusing.

Haikus are easy

But sometimes they don't make sense


"Okay, I'm easily amused, as you know."

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