Pastor Cook

Pastor Louise Cook

Misfits have a place at Streams of Refreshing Church in Walker.

“The Lord told me I would have a church of misfits — misfits like drug addicts, street people — but also misfit leaders,” said Pastor Louise Cook, who started the church in 2019. “I believe that my mission is to get them raised up and sent out to do the work of the kingdom.”

Cook, 65, flows in the prophetic or the fivefold ministry — which refers to the ministerial roles of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher as found in Ephesians 4:11-12 — that rely on the gift of prophecy and revelation from God.

“The prophetic ministry is the belief that the Lord speaks directly to me as a prophet, as a pastor,” she said. “I’m not just a pastor who wants people to like me. I’m not a people pleaser. I’m a person who is going to preach a strong, powerful word right out of the Bible. … It’s speaking truth. It’s speaking life. It’s not candy coating.”

That kind of candid preaching will help Streams of Refreshing Church develop misfits and others into world changers.

“We’re an army of prophetic leaders, and we’re just preaching the message,” Cook said.

A key message is the “seven mountains” prophecy, a mandate that calls for control of government, family, religion, media, arts/entertainment, business and education.

“That’s really the world system, but the Lord wants to take it back and raise a people that will sit in the mountains — Godly people — and that’s what we pray over and we declare and we stand on,” Cook said.

Cook started preaching more than 30 years ago. Her calling came after a few turbulent incidents in her life, including the birth of a premature son. He was 6 months old and battling pneumonia when Cook took him to a church en route to a hospital.

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“They laid hands on my son. He was instantly healed from pneumonia, and I did not have to take him to the hospital that night,” she said.

Her son, now 42, wasn’t the only one touched that night.

“When they laid hands on me, I accepted Christ, was slain in the spirit and filled with the Holy Spirit all in one night,” Cook said.

Cook spent 18 years at that church. In 1995, she joined the ministry and attended theology school at a Baton Rouge church. She was ordained in 2016.

More trying circumstances caused Cook to step away from the ministry for five years. A project accountant, she spent that time traveling the country with a contractor company.

“I was devastated. I told the Lord to give me five years to get my act together, and I will come back and do ministry,” she said. “I left in 2006, came back in 2010 and picked up my torch, and I’ve been running since then.”

God gave her the idea to start a church in 2017. Streams of Refreshing, 9384 Florida Blvd., became a reality two years later.

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