Whether as a counselor, radio host, camp organizer, entrepreneur, health care professional or in any of her other varied roles, DeShannon L. Quiett-Wilmer tries to fulfill her calling of inspiring others for God.

“I’m a woman that is driven completely by divine purpose,” Quiett-Wilmer said. “My life is dedicated to speaking into people’s lives, to release them into their divine purpose, discover their potential and releasing them into their purpose. In every walk of life, in everything God has called me to do, you will find me provoking or propelling people into their God-given destiny.”

Quiett-Wilmer’s greatest platform for teaching and motivating others is as pastor of The Place Ministries in Baker.

“That is my No. 1 occupation because that is why God has called me — not only to preach but to live a life conducive to be disciples, to be an extension of his arms in the earth realm,” Quiett-Wilmer said. “Many times, we can preach and speak with our mouths what thus says the word of God, but we’ve got to put into action what God says for us to do — and that is to go yet into all the world to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Quiett-Wilmer, 44, founded The Place Ministries nearly five years ago.

“It would be the place for restoration, for prayer, for power, for family and for resurrection,” said Quiett-Wilmer, a psychology graduate from the Xavier University of New Orleans and a post-graduate in Christian counseling from the International Christian Institute in Houston.

The Place Ministries, 13128 Plank Road, isn’t the only place Quiett-Wilmer hopes to inspire. She said her faith is part of all of her roles.

“I don’t have to say ‘Jesus’ for them to see the radiation of the love of Christ,” she said. “That’s been my greatest tool for ministry — for God to open doors to all races and nationalities. … Whatever it is or however it is stated, it’s still God getting the glory; it’s still teaching his principles and it’s doing it in a more excellent way where you can reach all men.”

Quiett-Wilmer is the executive director of Louisiana Human Care Connection Inc., which provides personal-care services to those who are mentally or physically disabled.

“I look for what they are able to do. Many focus on the disability; I focus on the abilities and what they’re able to do,” she said.

As the owner of Head 2 Toe Wellness and Spa , Quiett-Wilmer said she uses that unique ministry to help complete a person.

“I believe in teaching wellness in body, soul and spirit,” she said. “You’ve got to get rid of the toxins; you’ve got to get rid of the negative spirit. It’s getting rid of the negativity and putting in us what God says about us.”

As a certified counselor, Quiett-Wilmer said her counseling is based on her faith.

“I’ve got to be able to counsel people where they are,” she said. “It’s about bringing help, hope and healing so they could bring help, hope and healing to other people.”

Quiett-Wilmer further shares her faith on the public airwaves as co-host on Baton Rouge radio station WPFC 1550 AM’s “Christians in the Workplace” and also on television’s “The Early Bird Catches The Word” on Sunday mornings on Cox Channel 13.

Outside of the public eye, Quiett-Wilmer strives to raise her three daughters according to her faith. Wilmer said the names of all three girls — Kristian Mason, 21; Khristian Wilmer, 11; and Khrista Wilmer, 8 — mean Christ-like.

“I believe in what you name your children propels them into their destiny,” said Quiett-Wilmer, whose husband, Odell Wilmer Jr., is a minister.

Quiett-Wilmer was a longtime member of Greater New Galilee Baptist Church in Baton Rouge. She worked as the church’s day-care director and administrator to Pastor Mark Litt before leaving to start her own ministry.

“I was his right-hand man,” Quiett-Wilmer said. “(Leaving) was very difficult because I was in a comfort zone for so long.”

Quiett-Wilmer said she never anticipated God calling her to pastor.

“The greatest thing with pastoring is to stay focused on God and what God says as far as his people,” she said.

Quiett-Wilmer cites 1 Thessalonians 5:23 — “May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” — as her guiding passage in ministry.

“Everything I do in life is driven by that,” she said.

Stirred hearts

God looks for hearts he can disturb or even trouble to accomplish his will, said the guest speaker June 1 at the businessmen’s luncheon on the Bethany Church-South campus in Baton Rouge.

“God wants our hearts. He wants to be able to stir it. He wants to able to speak to it. He wants to be able to teach it. He wants to be able to commune with it,” said the Rev. Tony Foster, the president of Bethany College. “He wants us to get in his presence and know truth. … Truth as who he is and his claim over our lives.”

Foster spoke from the lesson “The Core of Our Life” taken from Erza 1:1-5.

“What really Christ wants to do is totally and radically transform our inside, our intrinsic values that we live by, a core value system that is so different from the world around us, that the darker it gets the brighter our lights shine,” Foster said. “Christ is after hearts that he can stir, hearts that he could turn.”

Foster shared the story in Ezra of how God used the heart of King Cyrus of Persia. The Children of Israel had been in captivity, but God laid it upon the king’s heart to allow the exiles to go back to Jerusalem to build their temple.

“It’s an amazing thing that God said he grabbed the heart of King Cyrus. He’s a pagan, he’s not a Jehovah worshipper, he’s an idol worshipper, yet (God) stirred his heart. He stirred his heart in such a way that he stirred the heart of an entire nation, and people actually gave them money to go do this job.”

Just as God used King Cyrus, Foster said God is searching today for people whose hearts he can stir to carry out his will in the earth.

“If God has a plan, then that means God always has a people. And what kind of people? He has a people whose hearts are in his hands, that he could stir up. … We are praying again for our nation, but the most important thing we need to pray is that the church’s heart awakens to what God wants to do.”

Christ mentions the heart 14 times in the Gospels, Foster said.

“If Jesus has your heart, you know what, you really can totally and radically change the course of a nation. King Cyrus, because his heart was stirred, changed the course of a nation where a whole group of people were freed because God had his heart,” Foster said.

The luncheon is held the first Wednesday of each month at the The Warehouse, 10877 Rieger Road.

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