The Bible remains the best source for helping a troubled marriage, said Zachary minister and author Gwendolyn Perry Honore.

It’s the wisest advice Honore said she can offer women with marital questions.

“I use the Bible. I always go back to the Bible to help them out,” Honore said. “Women are really anxious to give me their testimony of what is going on in their marriage.”

Honore said it was those shared testimonies and nearly 40 years of marriage that led her to write her latest book, “Wise Wives Don’t Run: But Sometimes They Wanna!” (Xlibris Publishing).

“It’s amazing how the book has been helping people. It has been in my heart to help people who are struggling in their marriage,” said Honore, a Southern University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in mass communication.

Honore, 62, grew up in the church but really didn’t study the Bible until her senior year in high school.

“Some years later, the words started making sense to me,” said Honore, a member of Bethany Church in Baker for about 10 years.

Her passion to gain knowledge of God’s word became nearly insatiable.

“I just started learning a lot more. I had a desire to learn,” she said.

Honore said she didn’t merely attend church.

“When you go to church, don’t sit there; take notes down and try to connect what the pastor is saying to life,” she said.

Honore stayed connected through Bible study classes and attended Bible schools, graduating from Life Christian University. She was ordained into the ministry in 2003.

Although she has enjoyed a relatively peaceful married life, Honore said she suffered a different kind of abuse that helps her rely on God and connect with other women.

“I had to depend on the Lord because I was molested as a child for several years. I had to seek him to keep my mind together ... I’ve been through a lot of stuff myself so I can identify with what they need,” she said.

Honore’s 2000 book “Too Scared to Tell” was the account of a friend who was molested by her father. Honore plans to detail her own abuse in a future book.

“I was too ashamed to tell my own story, so I wrote her story. I have to build up the courage to write some of the things that I write,” she said.

In the 109-page “Wise Wives,” Honore stresses to Christian women the importance of showing the love of Jesus.

“Does your husband see Jesus in you? Does he see a tender, loving, and compassionate wife, or does he see a critical demanding, unappreciative, fussy person? You say that you love God, so it is very important that you have ‘the mind of Christ,’ especially at home. When facing an unsaved (or saved) husband, you are up for examination ... You can’t portray a holy personality in front of your church family and have an ungodly attitude at home.”

Honore advises wives that letting Christ into their homes and heart means going “all the way with him.”

She encourages women to be prayer warriors in taking authority over the devil and any problem he presents to threaten the marriage.

“If you are a woman who wants to save your marriage, you shouldn’t sit by and watch your marriage fall,” she writes. “If you are not praying, you need to start. Strongholds (adultery, drinking, fighting, anger, laziness, selfishness, etc.) are not going to leave your relationship. They will grow into monstrous shapes and sizes unless you do something about them. You have to pray them down one by one!”

Honore has a lot to offer in the book. She even shares a bit of her heartache over losing her first husband of 35 years in 2009 after a battle with cancer. She remarried in 2012.

“I never stopped praying, hoping and worshipping God even though I was very disappointed that he died. I was never disappointed in God!” she writes.

The other major part of the book is dedicated to the testimonies from other women, including one who said she was hit, raped and stalked by her husband and feared for her life.

“I forgave this man several times for the things he did to me, and I stayed in the home and tried to be a good wife,” the woman wrote. “I should have left him long before I did because there were other things he did that scared me.”

Chapters in the books include, “Is He Just a Man?,” “Sex — Almost on Empty,” “Don’t Just Settle for a Man,” “He Counseled Me Into Bed,” “I Stole a Fool” and “He Shot Me!”

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‘Going to have a good time’

Excuse Dianne Williams if she breaks out in a song of praise during a special musical program at Rasberry Baptist Church No. 2 in St. Francisville.

But Williams plans to leave the singing to others as chairwoman of the first Ministers Solo Program at 7 p.m. Aug. 29 at the church, 3873 Highway 966.

“In the name of the Lord, we’re going to have a good time,” Williams said of the program featuring some of the Baton Rouge area’s top singing ministers, pastors and evangelists for the first time.

Among the ministers expected to take part in the program are Henry J. Brown, of First Emmanuel and Star of Bethlehem Baptist churches in Baton Rouge; Melissa Dunn-Davis, of St. Michael Baptist Church in Baton Rouge; Sterling Wright, of Beachum Grove Baptist Church in Ethel; Dennis Lawrence, of Pleasant Grove in Denham Springs; Elijah Lewis, of Independence Baptist Church in St. Francisville; and Ricardo London, of F.T. Baptist Church in Jackson.

Williams is a retired teacher and a lifelong member of Rasberry where she has also taught Bible study classes. She is a longtime chairperson of the annual solo program.

The decision to make it a program for ministers only was the brainchild of Williams’ daughter, Toni, the sponsor the program.

“We wanted to do something different,” she said.

Williams is grateful for how God has brought her back from some personal setbacks in the past few years and said she has a hard time keeping it to herself.

“He leads me and he guides me. I have no other choice but to praise him,” she said.

Williams said it’s part of her mission to give back to God and the church.

“I try to help my church whenever I can, because when we receive our salvation, we made a promise to the Lord that we would serve him with gladness and with thankfulness,” she said.

For more information, call Dianne Williams at (225) 774-6951 or (225) 721-0152 or Toni Williams at (225) 244-248.

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