An artist’s workspace can say a lot about them. What they put on the walls or what tools they use can reveal more about their process. Frame of Mind is a monthly Red feature focusing on Baton Rouge creators and the spaces they work in.

Conrad Freeman, the owner and creative mind behind one-man furniture studio Freeman Handcrafted, works in an unassuming Mid City building that he stumbled upon by word-of-mouth. What looks like an old, unoccupied auto shop is actually home to garage-turned-workspaces that several local makers, including Freeman, use.

Freeman builds sleek, modern, natural wood furniture and home goods that make for a surprisingly beautiful juxtaposition to his working environment. At the right time, the old shop is flooded with gorgeous natural light by way of many tall windows. Paint falls from the walls, and plant roots from dead overgrowth hang from the tall tin roof above.

Freeman is an enthusiast for vintage equipment and has machines that date back to the early 1900s. Some of Freeman’s most prized possessions, such as his grandfather’s toolbox filled with old tools, are used in his business every day.

With his shop being an open air space, Freeman is constantly working with or against the natural elements. Still, he finds a way to make it a charming and comfortable home for his business.

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