Austin Phares, a manufacturing and sales representative for Lubbock, Texas-based Humdinger Equipment, explained the operation and capabilities of a Tana brand 'Shark' industrial shredding machine, made in Finland, during a demonstration at the South Maintenance yard, Thursday, May 17, 2018. Metro Council members Tara Wicker and Matt Watson, who are members of the council's blight committee, and Mayor President Sharon Weston Broome were on hand. The demonstration was organized by Watson, who is among those who want  the city-parish to purchase an industrial shredder, which might  pay for itself by helping dispose of unwanted tires while producing rubber that the city-parish can sell to companies that use it in products like concrete. It could help attack the city's blight issue, and add years to the life of the area landfill, and reduce hauling costs and number of trips there. Cost of industrial shredders runs from $80,000 to about $300,000, he said.