Protesters at Baton Rouge City Hall call for Mayor-President Kip Holden to resign _lowres

Advocate staff photo by ANDREA GALLO -- A group of about 40 protesters chanted in front of City Hall in Baton Rouge on Monday morning, July 11, 2016.

Most of the doors were locked at City Hall on Tuesday, with visitors and workers alike being directed through one door manned by Baton Rouge Police Department officials in the first floor lobby.

Alton Sterling protesters on Monday linked arms and silently stood against entryways to City Hall through the late morning and early afternoon. No protesters demonstrated Tuesday near City Hall, but city-parish Chief Administrative Officer William Daniel said workers were worried about their safety.

"Some of the employees were a little concerned for their personal safety, given not just the protests yesterday but all the protests in general," Daniel said. "So we decided we would listen to their request and make it so that they felt a little safer."

The first floor lobby of City Hall has six doors for visitors to enter on the Galvez Plaza side and six more doors on the St. Louis Street side.

But the six Galvez Plaza doors have signs posted asking people to enter the building on the St. Louis side of the street. Small poles with chains hanging between them sit behind the doors in the lobby.

On the St. Louis Street side, signs on most of the doors tell visitors to "use other door" and those walking in and out are being directed toward one door.

"We're not restricting access, we're just putting everybody coming through one door," Daniel said.

Other doors throughout City Hall are locked today and require keycard access to enter. The keycard access doors are usually open during the day but require keycards when City Hall is closed.

Protests on Monday at City Hall remained peaceful, with little tension between protesters outside of the building and police officers who mostly stayed in the lobby. When protesters blocked the doors on Monday, they followed the request of Baton Rouge police officers and firefighters who asked that they keep one door unblocked to prevent fire hazards.

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