“Flessie” — the enormous statue of a serpent-like flamingo head — has been found.

The statue, a one-time mascot of the Spanish Town Parade, was returned to the Society for the Preservation of Lagniappe in Louisiana on Tuesday after it disappeared under suspicious circumstances from the back of a pickup on Saturday night in downtown Baton Rouge.

“An anonymous citizen rescued her and let us know where she was,” Brian Nolan, an SPLL board member, said of Flessie’s return. “She’s got a few minor scrapes and bruises but nothing major ... so she’ll be ready for next year.”

Flessie belongs to SPLL, the organization that puts on the annual Spanish Town Parade and accompanying ball during the weekend before Mardi Gras.

The statue, which stands about 10 feet tall and weighs several hundred pounds, was built years ago and recently was restored for fresh use.

When reporting the statue missing to police and media outlets on Monday, SPLL said it simply wanted the statue returned, “no questions asked.”

On Tuesday, the tipster led organization leaders to Flessie, Nolan said, adding, “And that’s about as far as we’re going to take it right now.”

“There was a story that they found her in a dumpster,” Nolan said, “but, you know, we’re just happy to have her back.”

Nolan thanked the Police Department and the anonymous tipster for their help in leading to Flessie’s return. SPLL does not plan to press charges on anyone involved in Flessie’s disappearance or return.

“It’s been a successful Mardi Gras now,” he said.

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