We’re delighted, but not surprised, that New Orleans and Baton Rouge have both been chosen to compete in a survey aimed at identifying the best Foodie Cities in the South.

“Foodie,” as many already know, is the trendy name for enthusiasts of good cuisine — and that means, more or less, anyone who lives in south Louisiana.

ConventionSouth, a trade publication representing the tourism industry, is asking readers to vote in an online survey to decide which city in the South is the best Foodie City. New Orleans and Baton Rouge are competing in a category that also includes the Florida cities of Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa, the Alabama cities of Birmingham and Mobile, and Jackson, Miss. Editors will close voting on April 12. Readers can vote at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/foodiecities.

New Orleans is known around the world for its fine cuisine, and Baton Rouge’s already-lively culinary scene has grown markedly in the past few years. If we were making our own list of great foodie cities in the region, we’d also include Lafayette, the heart of Cajun cooking.