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In the 70-foot boom bucket, Desmond Gardiner with Alder Vegetation Group (AVG) carefully whittles a 90-100 foot water oak tree down to the ground away from the power lines for Entergy so that it's no longer an electrical threat at the corner of May Street and Dalrymple Drive Wednesday Feb. 10, 2021, in Baton Rouge, La.

Entergy customers will see an increase of about $9, on average, in their bills from April through August of this year, the utility company said in a letter to ratepayers Thursday.

The increase isn't a surprise. Energy usage soared during severe winter weather earlier this year, and natural gas that Entergy uses to create electricity was in short supply and more costly. 

Instead of hitting customers with the cost of that all at once, the company spread the increase out over five months. 

Entergy's rates are audited by the Public Service Commission. 

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