St. Jude the Apostle welcomed “Flat Francis” to campus Sept. 15-25 in anticipation of Pope Francis’ inaugural visit to the United States.

Flat Francis is a take on the popular children’s educational tool Flat Stanley, who gains his recognition from being photographed near and far, a news release said.

Flat Francis traveled around campus and spent one day with each grade level reflecting on the influence Catholicism has on the students’ everyday lives. Second-graders took Flat Francis to the St. Jude Parish office to meet the Rev. Trey Nelson, while fifth-graders brought Flat Francis on a retreat. Flat Francis also visited a firetruck with the prekindergarten and kindergarten classes.

Middle school students attended an assembly with Flat Francis on Sept. 23 to watch live streaming of the papal parade in Washington, D.C. Many other grades streamed events from the pope’s itinerary into their classrooms so children could experience his visit.