After near perfect weather Friday evening for Halloween trick-or-treating turned overnight to the mid-30s, temperatures will get even colder Saturday evening, dropping into the near freezing level in Baton Rouge with slightly warmer temperatures in Lafayette and New Orleans.

“Baton Rouge is going to be a close call, just above freezing,” said Tim Destri, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Slidell. Temperatures likely will drop lower north of Baton Rouge, and there’s even a possibility that freeze watches could be issued.

There’s no rain, and likely few clouds, associated with the cold front — meaning a blue sky but chillier weekend for most.

The lower temperatures arrive with a reinforcing cold front, following a front that moved through Louisiana earlier this week. As that newest front moved through south Louisiana on Friday evening, it was accompanied by breezes of 10 to 20 mph, with winds even stronger near the coast — 15 to 25 mph, Destri said.

However, the temperatures won’t stay cold for long. On Monday, low temperatures will be a balmy 58 degrees in Baton Rouge and warmer along the coast.