John Kennedy

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy during a Thursday hearing (screenshot via Twitter). 

In an interview with WWL-TV, Sen. John Kennedy commented on President Donald Trump's alleged remarks made about Haiti and African nations, telling the news source Trump is "not a racist."

Kennedy said if Trump made the comments, then he disagrees with his sentiments; however, he said he is bothered by how racism allegations are thrown around "a little too casually now."

"I wouldn't have put it the way the President put it, and I wish he hadn't have done it if he did it," Kennedy said. "And, I’m sure he wishes he could take it back, and he’ll have more to say about it."

Kennedy compared Trump's alleged remarks to Sen. Nancy Pelosi's comments made earlier the same week about "a bunch of white men" working on the immigration bill.

"Well, I wish she hadn't have said that, but I don’t think it was racist or sexist. I mean, she just said it," she said. 

Asked whether he expects rhetoric like Trump's alleged remarks to serve as a roadblock, Kennedy said he does not let comments distract him. 

"If it’s a roadblock it’s because we let it be a roadblock. What I try to do, this is the first time I’ve commented on something the President has said. I don’t comment on his tweets or anybody’s tweets when I’m asked almost hourly on Capitol Hill because it’s a distraction, and it really is a distraction," he said. 

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