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Aerial of severe flooding in the Watson area of Livingston Parish on Sunday August 14, 2016. One Livingston Parish resident recounted her experienced during the August 2016 flood who had insurance. 

Private insurers and the lawyers who represent them are profiting from National Flood Insurance Program, while some flooded homeowners are being low-balled for their claims, CBS News asserts in a pair of reports that focus in part on Louisiana. 

The program profiles Richard and Linda Brown, whose home was destroyed in the 2016 floods in Louisiana. The Browns are still living in a gutted home, after receiving $62,000 in flood insurance. The policy was worth $168,000, according to the report. 

One lawyer hired by insurance companies to fight homeowners' claims, meanwhile, has been paid at least $29 million for cases arising from Superstorm Sandy alone.

Watch the first report here.

Watch the second report here.

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