Two 29-year-old men were sentenced to 10 years in prison Thursday after pleading guilty as accessories to the fatal armed robbery of a Waffle House on South Sherwood Forest Boulevard last year.

Georgia insurance agent David DeMersseman, 54, was shot to death during the May 3, 2010, robbery.

Ikey Washington, of Baton Rouge, apologized Thursday to the victim’s family and his own family and said he hopes his guilty plea brings closure to both.

DeMersseman’s family was not in state District Judge Lou Daniel’s courtroom when Washington and Larry Sterling Jr., of St. Francisville, each pleaded guilty to two counts of accessory after the fact to armed robbery.

DeMersseman, who was the only customer in the restaurant at the time of the incident, and a waitress were robbed.

Antonius Jones, 22, of Baton Rouge, was convicted of second-degree murder and armed robbery in May and sentenced in August to life in prison on the murder charge and 60 years on the robbery charge.

Daniel ordered Jones’ terms to run concurrently.

The judge on Thursday sentenced Washington and Sterling to five years in prison on each accessory charge and ordered the terms to run consecutively.

Washington and Sterling initially were charged with two counts of armed robbery.

“I hope there’s a serious change in behavior’’ once Washington and Sterling are released from prison, Daniel told both men.

“He’s going to take active measures (while in prison) to turn his life around,’’ Beau Brock, one of Washington’s attorneys, told the judge.

Prosecutor Jesse Bankston told Daniel that Washington and Sterling were with Jones in a car shortly before Jones entered the Waffle House. All three men were together in a car when they were arrested about 24 hours later, he said.

Bankston said Washington and Sterling, the driver, helped Jones avoid arrest.

Brock and James Rothkamm, who represents Sterling, said their clients will be given credit for the time they have served since their arrests.

DeMersseman, of Valdosta, Ga., was passing through Baton Rouge on May 3, 2010, when he was shot to death at 1:22 a.m. in the Waffle House at 2320 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd.

The fatal shooting and armed robbery were captured by the restaurant’s security cameras.