Thirteen candidates from seven parishes are vying for the Senate District 2 seat left vacant after second-term state Sen. Troy Brown resigned in February just before the Senate was planning to start expulsion proceedings following his arrests in two separate battery cases against women. 

Voters will go to the polls Saturday to decide who should serve the remainder of Brown's term, which expires Jan. 13, 2020. If none of the candidates earn 50 percent plus one vote, the two candidates with the most votes will be in a runoff May 27.

Brown, a Democrat from Napoleonville, pleaded no contest in March to a domestic abuse charge when he was accused of biting his wife during an argument. He had also pleaded no contest in an incident four months earlier in which he was accused of punching his girlfriend in the eye in the hours after the 2015 Bayou Classic football game in New Orleans. Both charges were misdemeanors.

Brown resigned Feb. 16, saying that though he felt he was treated unfairly, he believed that two-thirds of the Senate would vote to remove him in what would have been the first expulsion proceeding in 35 years. The Senate hearing was set to begin Feb. 20. 

Senate District 2 covers parts of eight parishes: St. Charles, St. John the Baptist, St. James, Iberville, West Baton Rouge, Ascension, Assumption and Lafourche parishes.

Candidates for the Senate District 2 seat:

Elton M. Aubert

  • AGE: 63
  • RESIDENCE: Vacherie, St. James Parish
  • PARTY: Democrat
  • POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Served as a state representative from 2008-2012. Prior to that, he served on the St. James Parish Council from 1992-2008, six of those years as president.
  • EDUCATION: Two years of college.
  • OCCUPATION: Retired from Dow Chemical
  • FAMILY: Wife, Claudette; children, Dana Aubert Truesdale, Miguel Aubert and Amber Aubert Torres.
  • WHY ARE YOU SEEKING THIS POSITION? “There’s too much gridlock in the House and Senate along party lines. We can’t even come together and decide about that loop going around Baton Rouge. Too many people are forced into that little channel of La. 1. … With education, we can’t accept that we’re 48th, 49th, 50th in the country. I can’t believe we haven’t changed. I certainly want to have some input.”

Wayne Brigalia

  • AGE: 55
  • RESIDENCE: Sunshine, Iberville Parish
  • PARTY: Republican
  • POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Ran for Iberville Parish president in 2007.
  • EDUCATION: Some college
  • OCCUPATION: Pipefitter, commercial crawfisherman
  • FAMILY: Wife, Annette; children: Jessica Brigalia, Wayne Brigalia Jr., Jeremy Brigalia, Michael Brigalia, Elizabeth Brigalia Sanchez, LouAnna Brigalia, Victoria Brigalia, Daniel Brigalia, Hannah Brigalia, Victor Brigalia and Rebekah Brigalia 
  • WHY ARE YOU SEEKING THIS POSITION? “I’m trying to serve the parish. I’ve been serving this parish and other parishes for many years by being a good neighbor, helping anybody that needs help. … I'd like to see more high school students in dual enrollment programs, so they can get two years of college under their belt."

Albert “Ali” Burl III

  • AGE: 40
  • RESIDENCE: Garyville, St. John the Baptist Parish
  • PARTY: Democrat
  • POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: A member of St. John the Baptist School Board since 2008; currently serves as president of the board; and was formerly a constable for District 2 in St. John the Baptist Parish.
  • EDUCATION: B.S., political science, Southern University; and associates degree in applied science, Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Services, Houston.
  • OCCUPATION: Director of adult drug court, St. John the Baptist Parish, 40th Judicial District Court.
  • FAMILY: Married, one child
  • WHY ARE YOU SEEKING THIS POSITION? “Being on the School Board and, also, previously, being a constable I came to realize that to affect major change, it has to be on the state level. There is only so much you can do on a local level. It has to be on a state level, where you can make policies. … It’s when you’re on the ground and can see how the laws that are enacted affect the local people and affect individual lives that you want to do more.”

Shannon Comery Sr.

  • AGE: 35
  • RESIDENCE: Donaldsonville, Ascension Parish
  • PARTY: Democrat
  • POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Ran for Donaldsonville mayor in 2016
  • EDUCATION: Three years of college
  • OCCUPATION: Truancy officer with the Ascension Parish School Board
  • FAMILY: Wife, Avril; children: Alyssa Comery, Xavier Comery and Shannon Comery Jr.
  • WHY ARE YOU SEEKING THIS POSITION? “The reason why I entered my name is I wanted to show the people, from what I experienced in the race for (Donaldsonville) mayor, that even in the face of defeat, we can get back up and move forward. It's not about the power or position. There was another door open for me to be able to help people.”

“Chris” Delpit

  • AGE: 57
  • RESIDENCE: Gonzales, Ascension Parish
  • Party: Democrat
  • POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Ran for the state Senate in 2015 and for the state House of Representatives in 2011.
  • EDUCATION: Some college
  • OCCUPATION: Safety director with an area contractor
  • FAMILY: Single; children, Zera Delpit, Kyle Delpit and Kane Delpit
  • WHY ARE YOU SEEKING THIS POSITION? “I’m seeking office because Louisiana is constantly taking a black eye because of the political leaders that we have. Louisiana is a beautiful state, but the people that are supposed to be watching are not taking care of her, and the constituents are suffering. … While this is going on, the people are being left out, the everyday taxpayer that goes to work.”

Warren Harang III

  • AGE: 69
  • RESIDENCE: Donaldsonville, Ascension Parish
  • PARTY: Democrat
  • POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Ran for state Senate in 2003
  • EDUCATION: B.S. in animal science
  • OCCUPATION: Sugar cane farmer
  • FAMILY: Wife, Becky; children: Jeanne Harang Boughton, Jay Harang, Amy Harang and Lee Harang
  • WHY ARE YOU SEEKING THIS POSITION? "I am a conservative sugar cane farmer running to bring integrity and credibility back to Senate District 2. … I think I’ll be an excellent public servant. I want to serve the people of Louisiana Senate District 2, and I need your input.”

Jerry Jones

  • AGE: 63
  • RESIDENCE: Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish
  • PARTY: Democrat
  • POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: In 24th year as a Lafourche Parish Councilman
  • EDUCATION: Graduate of Thibodaux High School, some college
  • OCCUPATION: Measurement coordinator in petroleum engineering field
  • FAMILY: Married, six children
  • WHY ARE YOU SEEKING THIS POSITION? "The oil in the district is very instrumental to the state of Louisiana and with the seafood industry, agriculture industry and planting industry, District 2 holds a very important role in the state. We can work together to get job training, and the technical colleges can be beneficial to our kids in Louisiana."

Edmond Jordan

  • AGE: 45
  • RESIDENCE: Brusly, West Baton Rouge Parish
  • PARTY: Democrat
  • POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: House of Representatives for District 29 since 2016
  • EDUCATION: B.S., biology, Southern University, law degree, Southern University Law Center
  • OCCUPATION: Attorney and co-owner of insurance company
  • FAMILY: Married, two children
  • WHY ARE YOU SEEKING THIS POSITION? "It gives us an opportunity to help more people, to potentially bring more resources to the district, to have a bigger voice and impact as it relates to traffic mitigation, economic development and education."

Patrick "Lawman" Lawless

  • AGE: 52
  • RESIDENCE: Belle Rose, Assumption Parish
  • PARTY: Democrat
  • POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Served as an Assumption Parish police juror for 12 years
  • EDUCATION: Graduate of Assumption High School
  • OCCUPATION: Works in construction, welder by trade
  • FAMILY: Married, three daughters
  • WHY ARE YOU SEEKING THIS POSITION? "I think that the government that we have now is not actually evaluating the situation that they're in now. I think we need some new blood. … I see a lot of jobs come to this district and there's no opportunities for people that are getting out of high school. There's not enough trade schools and technology schools and p-tech (pathways to technology) schools to educate people for the jobs that are coming to the area."

Thomas L "Tommy" Lyons

  • AGE: 64
  • RESIDENCE: Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish
  • PARTY: No party
  • POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Ran for Terrebonne Parish clerk of court in 2003
  • EDUCATION: B.A., communication arts, Nicholls State University
  • OCCUPATION: Self-employed, consultant and businessman
  • FAMILY: Married, two children
  • WHY ARE YOU SEEKING THIS POSITION? "We keep trying to patch a failed system by increasing the tax burdens on people, and we can't afford that. Local government has got to change. State government has got to change. … I feel like I need to be part of a movement as an independent to begin the process of fundamental change in government. I look back and I say, 'Well, I watched by father and other people do it in Terrebonne Parish almost 40 years ago when they combined an old system into a new system.'"

Willie Massey-Farve

  • AGE: 31
  • RESIDENCE: Geismar, Assumption Parish
  • PARTY: No party
  • EDUCATION: B.S., political science from Southern University; master's in public administration from Southern University (December, 2017)
  • Occupation: Student, mother
  • FAMILY: Married, three children
  • WHY ARE YOU SEEKING THIS POSITION? "I am seeking this position in an effort to address true concerns for citizens in Senate District 2 for families. My top three (concerns) for myself and the people I have spoken with are education, job growth and infrastructure."

Edward "Ed" Price

  • AGE: 63
  • RESIDENCE: Gonzales, Ascension Parish
  • PARTY: Democrat
  • POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: State representative for District 58 since 2012. Previously served 27 years on the Ascension Parish School Board.
  • EDUCATION: B.A., political science, Grambling University
  • OCCUPATION: Retired from BASF Corp.
  • FAMILY: Wife, Patsy; one child, Margaret 
  • WHY ARE YOU SEEKING THIS POSITION? “With my past experience, I can elevate my service to a larger area of the state. I want to help solve educational issues, traffic problems and address our eroding coast line. … I will help support and urge economic development and promote job growth for the area.”

Jamie Roussell

  • AGE: 41
  • RESIDENCE: Mt. Airy, St. John the Baptist Parish
  • PARTY: Democrat
  • EDUCATION: B.S., political science, Southern University; master's in American politics, LSU; 30 hours in education at Tulane University and Nicholls State University; one year of study at Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Lansing, Michigan.
  • OCCUPATION: School teacher at Lowery Middle School in Donaldsonville, Ascension Parish
  • FAMILY: Unmarried
  • WHY ARE YOU SEEKING THIS POSITION? "There's been a severe depreciation in our public education system. It's constantly eroded over the course of the past 20 years. It's getting worse. Legislatures continue to cut millions of dollars from the education budget. Something needs to be done about it. Who better than a teacher to reform the education system? …There are severe drainage issues across District 2. My house has also flooded as recently as two weeks ago. The government has done nothing about it. I've been fighting local officials like the parish president and the councilmen for years."

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