Marianne Konikoff, of St. Joseph’s Academy, Baton Rouge, won first place overall in the senior division, grades 9-12, of 2013 Region VII Louisiana Science and Engineering Fair, held Feb. 19-20 at LSU.

Her project was titled, “Molecular Hydrogen and Far-Ultraviolet Extinction Due to Dust: A Two-Year Study.”

Second-place overall in the division went to the team of Grace Ragland and Anna Claire Maxwell, also of St. Joseph’s Academy, for their project, “The Acclimation of Spartina alterniflora to Various Saline Concentrations: A Continuation.”

The senior division overall winners will represent Region VII in Phoenix, May 12-17, for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

In the junior division, grades 6-8, Chi Cao, of Glasgow Middle School, won first place overall for her computer science project, “Home for Hubs,” while Anusha Zaman, also of Glasgow, won second overall for her project, “Betel Leaf and Tobacco Effects on Human Broncho-epithelial (BEAS-2B) Cells.”

St. Joseph’s Academy earned the top school award for the senior division and Glasgow Middle School for the junior division.

The fair attracted more than 300 middle and high school students from seven parishes including East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Ascension, Iberville, Pointe Coupee, East Feliciana and West Feliciana.

First-place winners and some second-place winners from the fair will compete in the Louisiana State Science and Engineering Fair, March 26-27, at LSU.

The Region VII Science and Engineering Fair was sponsored by the Gulf South Rotating Machinery Symposium, College of Science, College of Engineering, LSMS Physician Services and Baton Rouge Bone and Joint Clinic.

Senior division:

Animal sciences — first, Olivia R. Abadie, St. Joseph’s Academy, “Desmoglein 1 and 3 Proteins in Equine Hoof Laminae: Possible Stem Cell Repair in Laminitic Horses”; second, Wellesley J. Dittmar, St. Joseph`s Academy, “Parasite Problems: The Risks of Using Manure as a Fertilizer”; third, Madison Dillenberger, The Dunham School, “How do different diets affect hamsters”; fourth, Madeleine Poirrier and Abby Johnson, The Dunham School, “Ant Behavior”

Behavioral and social sciences — first, Celeste M. Runnels, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, “Effect of Auditory Interference on Stroop Test Performance”; second, Hannah F. Keller, St. Joseph’s Academy, “Sleep: The Sleeping Giant? Effects of Sleep Hygiene on Cognitive and Motor Performance in Adolescent and Older Adults”; third, Chet N. Herndon, Catholic High School, “Relationships between Player Actions and Game Outcomes in SEC Football: A Validation Study”; fourth, Kate E. Thompson, St. Joseph’s Academy, “You Can Play the Line, but Can You Stand on One?” and Malachi R. Pursley, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, “Do You See What I See?”

Biochemistry — first, Stefan D’Sa, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, “Relationship between Mississippi River water levels and dissolved organic matter absorbance/fluorescence properties”; second, Rainey E. Gerald, St. Joseph’s Academy, “Molecular and Genetic Analyses of Nopp140 Expression in Fruit Flies”

Cellular and molecular biology — first, Molly E. Lieux, St. Joseph’s Academy, “The Effects of Nopp140 Depletion on Pre-Ribosomal Ribonucleic Acid Expression in Drosophila melanogaster”; second, Aastha Gupta, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, “DNA, RNA, Protein … Oh my!”

Chemistry — first, Michelle C. Arceneaux, St. Joseph’s Academy, “Importance of Temperature on the Polymorphism of Theobroma Cacao during Tempering”; second, Chloe R. Boudreaux, St. Joseph’s Academy, “The Effect of a LiBOB Electrolyte on a Li-ion Battery”; third, Hope L. Roberts, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, “Cell Phone Spectrophotometry”; fourth, Sydney Lombardo and Natalie Alfandre, The Dunham School, “Febreze Elimination,” and A.J. Holloway, The Dunham School, “Crazy Crystals”

Computer science — first, Lena H. Le, St. Joseph’s Academy, “Classical Stimulation of the BB84 Quantum Key Distribution Protocol with Intercept/Resend Attack”; second, Dexter M. Turner, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, “Comparing Random Strategies of Tic-Tac-Toe”; third, Jacob Hausmann, Baton Rouge Magnet High School “Pathfinding: What’s the Shortest Route?”

Earth and planetary science — first, Maggie M. DiLeo, St. Joseph’s Academy, “Visual Pollution Caused By Rock Climbing: Is it a necessary evil?”

Engineering: materials and bioengineering — first, Olivia J. Guidry and Marygrace Duggar, St. Joseph’s Academy, “A Greener Shade of Gray: The Effects of Fly Ash in Concrete”; second, Mason Meredith, The Dunham School, “Styrofoam + Cardboard = Protection”

Engineering: electrical and mechanical — first, Madeleine M. Juneau, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, “Brace Yourself to Stand Tall”; second, William Resweber, The Dunham School, “Mechanics of Lift”

Environmental management — first, Caroline M. Trammell, St. Joseph’s Academy, “The Effects of Soil Bulk Density on the Ability of Spartina alterniflora to Resist Simulated Storm Surge Water Force”; second, Whitney E. Say, St. Joseph’s Academy, “The Effects of Wave Erosion on an Artificial Beach Using Different Methods of Prevention”

Energy and transportation — first, Sarah Bertrand, St. Joseph’s Academy, “The Effect of Cellulases on Dilute Ammonia Treated Energy Cane Bagasse”; second, Jesus D. Pineda, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, “What material is the best thermal insulator?”

Environmental sciences — first, Laurie M. Lyon, St. Joseph’s Academy, “The Effect of the Closure of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet on Distribution of Salinity in Lake Pontchartrain”; second, Chelsea D. Sparrow, St. Joseph’s Academy, “The Tolerance of Lawngrass to Flooding”; third, Samhita D. Rao, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, “The Bigger The Better!”; fourth, Reed Tang, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, “Can solar panels be a viable energy source for Louisiana?”

Mathematical sciences — first, David C. Luo, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, “Mysteries Behind the Euclidean Algorithm”; second, Anmol R. Hingorani, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, “Segmented Regression: Modeling an Object Under the Effect of Drag Force”

Medicine and health sciences — first, Miranda J. Gaupp, St. Joseph’s Academy; “Marathon Mice Message: Get Up and Run! Physiology of Mitochondria: Does exercise improve muscle physiology in Gene Defective Mice?”; second, Sarah C. Christian, St. Joseph’s Academy, “The Incidence of Secondary Upper Extremity Lymphedema in a Community Breast Surgery Practice”; third, Tyler J. McDonald, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, “Blinded by the Light”; fourth, Dylan Goings, The Dunham School, “The effects of protein and carbohydrates on heart rate” and Kendall Boyer and Grayson Domingue, The Dunham School, “Lung Capacity”

Microbiology — first, Lauren R. Dartez and Addison Hollis, St. Joseph’s Academy, “Does Iron Affect the Efficiency of the Antibiotics Amoxicillin and Doxycycline?”; second, Eleanor A. Seiter, St. Joseph’s Academy, “The Effect of Heat Treatments on the Bacterial Growth of Sponges”; third, Anna Jang, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, “Tasty and Healthy”; fourth, Joseph P. Lane, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, “The Effect of Nutrients on Algae Growth”

Physics and astronomy — first, Marianne V. Konikoff, St. Joseph’s Academy, “Molecular Hydrogen and Far-Ultraviolet Extinction Due to Dust: A Two-Year Study”; second, Elya R. Courtney, Carmel Hill School (Home School), “Is the Drag Force on a Supersonic Projectile Proportional to Air Density?”; third, Finnian S. Kelley, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, “Non-Newtonian Fluid”; fourth, Brett Dupree, The Dunham School, “The Effect of a BBCOR Bat and a BESR Bat vs. a Wooden Bat on the Speed and Distance of a Baseball” and Rebecca R. DiTusa, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, “Gymnastics, Angular Momentum, and Rotational Inertia”

Plant sciences — first, Grace M. Ragland and Anna Claire Maxwell, St. Joseph’s Academy, “The Acclimation of Spartina alterniflora to Various Saline Concentrations: A Continuation”; second, Molly E. Sides, St. Joseph’s Academy, “The Effect of Different Composts on Helianthus annus dwarf topolino”; third, Sydney Boudreaux, The Dunham School, “The Effect of Microwave Radiation on Bean Seeds”; fourth, Dixon Lin, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, “Vitamin C Content”

Senior division special awards:

American Meteorologial Society — Maggie M. DiLeo

American Psychological Association — Kate E. Thompson

ASM Materials Education Foundation — Mason Meredith

Association for Women Geoscientists — Caroline M. Trammell

Intel Excellence in Computer Science — Lena H. Le

International Sustainable World Project Olympiad (I-SWEEP) — Olivia J. Guidry

Iota Sigma Pi — Hope L. Roberts

Mu Alpha Theta — David C. Luo

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration — Laurie M. Lyon

National Society of Professional Engineers — Madeleine M. Juneau

Naval Science Award — Miranda J. Gaupp, Rainey E. Gerald, Marianne V. Konikoff, Lena H. Le, Reed Tang

Ricoh Americas Corporation — Grace M. Ragland

Society for In-Vitro Biology — Grace M. Ragland

U.S. Air Force — Olivia R. Abadie, Michelle C. Arceneaux, Chloe R. Boudreaux, Wellesley J. Dittmar

U.S. Army — Chet N. Herndon, Hannah F. Keller, Grace M. Ragland, Samhita D. Rao

U.S. Metric Association — Caroline M. Trammell

Yale Science and Engineering Association — Marianne V. Konikoff

Junior division:

Animal sciences — first, Joshua M. Courtney, Carmel Hill School (homeschool), “Do Rainbow Trout and Their Hybrids Outcompete Cutthroat Trout in a Lentic Ecosystem?”; second, Sarah E. McDowell, St. Jude School, “The Effects of Scented Candles on Mice”; third, Preston J. Nielson, Glasgow Middle School, “Are Fingerprint Patterns Inherited?”; fourth, Alexandra M. Rivett, Most Blessed Sacrament School, “Are Night Insects Attracted More to Incandescent or Fluorescent Light Bulbs?”, and Jenny Kim, Glasgow Middle School, “How Does Humidity Affect the Hatching Rate of Chicken Eggs?”

Behavioral and social sciences — first, Jolie Gautreau, Westdale Middle School, “You Are What You Eat”; second, Nicole LeJeune, Central Middle, “Do You See What I See?”; third, Meredith Giles, St. George Catholic School,“The Effect of Gender on the Stroop Test”; fourth, Caroline C. Peltier, St. Jude School, “Walking All Around”; and Patrick F. Herke, Westdale Middle School, “Hit the Gym ... or, PLAY the Wii?”

Biochemistry — first, Stephen P. LeBlanc, Prairieville Middle School, “Caffeine Buzz”; second, Lexie M. LeBlanc, Galvez Middle School, “What Type of Bean Absorbs the Most Water?”; third, Tony Kellerman, Mason Riche and Michael Farque, Catholic High of Pointe Coupee, “Biodiesel”; fourth, Danielle W. Mastrangelo, Galvez Middle School, “Does Size Matter”, and Kathryn E. Nastasi, St. Jude School, “Does Sound Pitch Affect Heart Rate?”

Cellular and molecular biology — first, Anusha Zaman, Glasgow Middle School, “Betel leaf and tobacco effects on human broncho-epithelial (BEAS-2B) cells”; second, Layla Morris, Westdale Middle School, “The Components of Bone: What Makes Them Strong and Hard?”; third, Mini Delatte, St. George Catholic School, “Osmosis and Homeostasis in the Cell”; fourth, Maty Nguer, Kenilworth Science and Technology School, “Does temperature affect the rate of bacteria growth?” and Kelsey A. Brooks, Prairieville Middle School, “Before You Reach For That Drink”

Chemistry — first, Rohit R. Gondi, Glasgow Middle School, “Does the particle size of the reactant affect the rate of the reaction”; second, Rohin Gilman, Glasgow Middle School, “Change in Surface Tension of Water Caused by Soap”; third, Alexandrina M. Yakimov, Glasgow Middle School, “Which Tea Type Contains the Least Amount of Caffeine?”; fourth, Lily W. Lambert, Central Middle, “Smelly Orbs” and Rebecca Lilly, Prairieville Middle School, “The Power of Flour”

Computer science — first, Chi L. Cao, Glasgow Middle School, “Home for Hubs”; second, William S. Heitman, Glasgow Middle School, “What elements of a video game affect blind gamers the most?”; third, Sean Bennett, Kenilworth Science and Technology School, “Which zipping program can compress the best?”; fourth, Taylor Williams, Woodlawn Middle School,“Does the number of followers you have on instagram affect the number of likes you get on your pictures?” and Austin L. Harrell, Woodlawn Middle School, “Mw3”

Earth and planetary science — first, Desire Gardner, Kenilworth Science and Technology School, “The presence of chromated copper arsenate on east baton rouge parish school grounds”; second, Matthew Rosendale, Prairieville Middle School, “Baby Come Back ... Please Don’t Erode Away”; third, Maddie Williston, St. George Catholic School, “Are There Nails In My Cereal?”; fourth, Jessica Pastor, The Dunham School, “The Effect Moisture Has on Clouds” and Caroline N. Collins, Galvez Middle School, “How Does the Type of Fertilizer Affect Plant Growth?”

Engineering: materials and bioengineering — first, Tre Nix, Kenilworth Science and Technology School, “Roof shingle recycling”; second, Nicholas G. Thompson, St. Jude School, “Bend Dat!”; third, Peyton Wax, St. George Catholic School, “How Long Will Your Makeup Last”; fourth, Morgan A. Potts, Prairieville Middle School, “Bridge Busters” and Victoria M. Surman, St. Jude School, “Chill Out”

Engineering: electrical and mechanical — first, Katie E. Skiles, Woodlawn Middle School, “Salt Water Conductivity”; second, Deepti Vaidyanathan, Glasgow Middle School, “Here Comes the Sun”; third, Zachary R. Hatfield, Prairieville Middle School, “Beat the Heat”; fourth, Hanna M. Chaisson, Prairieville Middle School, “Size Matters,” and Abigail Lee McBride, Central Middle, “Photo vs. Ion”

Environmental management — first, Renee M. Trepagnier, Catholic High of Pointe Coupee, “Sunny Days to Cleaner Water”; second, Jalen Scott, Kenilworth Science and Technology School, “Lead concentration in school playground soil”; third, Nicholas Peno, Prairieville Middle School, “Solar Colors” and Dara H. Khosravi, Glasgow Middle School, “What is the best solution for erosion?”; fourth, Madeline Lemoine, St. George Catholic School, “What is the Best Way to Prevent Erosion on our Louisiana Coastline?”

Energy and transportation — first, Priya Balamurugan, Glasgow Middle School, “Which Fruit Dye Makes the Most Effective Solar Cell?”; second, Ateshi N. Bhatt, Glasgow Middle School, “Which Wind Turbine Rotor Design Produces the Most Energy at a Certain Wind Speed?”; third, Anna Cole, St. George Catholic School, “Double A Foods”; fourth, Cora Bonewitz, Woodlawn Middle School,“On Your Mark ... Get Set ... Go!”, and Erik T. Viator, Prairieville Middle School, “Built For Speed”.

Environmental sciences — first, Tyler Parks, St. George Catholic School, “What is the simplest and easiest way to purify water?”; second, Claire N. Herke, Glasgow Middle School, “Coastal Erosion: Which Type of Soil Erodes at the Highest Rate”; third, Samuel Li, Glasgow Middle School, “Soil pH Values of Louisiana Parishes”; fourth, Sydni Joseph, Kenilworth Science and Technology School, “Can concrete with a titanium dioxide coating purify air by using UV light” and Michael Prados, St. George Catholic School, “Does Clorox Get Rid of Bacteria?”

Mathematical sciences — first, Kadi H. Runnels, Glasgow Middle School, “Making Loaded Dice”; second, Marie Neubrander, Glasgow Middle School, “Random Walks and Fractal Images”; third, Easton Hollis, St. George Catholic School, “Do I Really Need That Expensive Bat?”; fourth, Nicholas London, Kenilworth Science and Technology School, “The effect of weight and slope on a car acceleration” and Mason Guillot, Glasgow Middle School, “What are the tendencies of football betting?”

Medicine and health sciences — first, Anugrah Jeyaseelan, Glasgow Middle School, “Antibiotics: Natural vs. Pharmaceutical”; second, Reed Godbery, St. George Catholic School, “Can Siblings’ Fingerprints Be Matched?”; third, Kyndall A. Barnes, Prairieville Middle School, “The Speed of Tooth Decay”; fourth, Anna Catherine Padgett, The Dunham School, “Fingerprints: Random or Inherited?” and Blaise A. Putnam, Cypress Heights Academy, “Does pH affect the rate that vitamins are dissolved?”

Microbiology — first, Kelsie A. Guzik, Glasgow Middle School, “Swabbing Samples, Battling Bacteria, Counting Colonies, Finding Fungus”; second, Parvathy Balamurugan, Glasgow Middle School, “Does turmeric have antibacterial properties to preserve milk, and if it does which type of milk does it preserve best?”; third, William J. Foster, Woodlawn Middle School, “Lasers Versus Bacteria: The Effect of Laser Duration on Bacteria”; fourth, Rayne Bradford, Dutchtown Middle School, “Which is Cleaner — Boy’s or Girl’s Bathroom” and Evan Dille, St. George Catholic School, “Which Surfaces in School Have the Most Bacteria?”

Physics and astronomy — first, William H. Lynch, Episcopal High School, “A Study in Continuous Process Improvement Using an Out of Balance Rotating Mechanism”; second, Zachary R. Mincey, Galvez Middle School, “7MM-08 Rifle Ballistics”; third, Elijah DS. Courtney, Carmel Hill School (homeschool), “Spud or Dud: Internal Ballistics of a Combustion Driven Potato Cannon Using High Speed Video”; fourth, Michelle D. Shin, Glasgow Middle School, “Wind Resistance 4 Building Shapes” and Liam J. Walsh, Glasgow Middle School, “Measuring refractive index of water with different concentrations of sugar”

Plant sciences — first, Aline MJ. van den Bold, Westdale Middle School, “Do Tendrils Have A Sense Of Touch”; second, Brian C. Long, Most Blessed Sacrament School, “Effect of Different Color Light on Rate of Viola Growth”; third, Olivia Beauvais, False River Academy, “What Comparative Effect Does Aspirin, Sugar, and Water Have on Seed Germination?”; fourth, Megan C. Domma, St. Jude School, “Does Colored Light Affect Plant Growth?” and Priya Gilman, Glasgow Middle School, “How Different Fertilizers and Environment Affect Coriander Plant Growth”

Junior division special awards:

Broadcom MASTERS nominees — Priya Balamurugan, Chi L. Cao, Joshua M. Courtney, Desire Gardner, Jolie Gautreau, Rohit R. Gondi, Kelsie A. Guzik, Anugrah Jeyaseelan, Stephen P. LeBlanc, William H. Lynch, Tre Nix, Tyler Parks, Kadi H. Runnels, Katie E. Skiles, Anusha Zaman

Iota Sigma Pi — Anusha Zaman

Naval Science Award — Joshua M. Courtney, Kelsie A. Guzik, William S. Heitman, Anusha Zaman

Society of Women Engineers — Chi L. Cao, Hanna M. Chaisson, Victoria M. Surman, Abigail Lee McBride, Katie E. Skiles