Two families in Zachary are picking up the pieces after hail and strong winds sent trees through the roofs of their homes overnight. 

Dana Feemster had only a few minutes to spare for an interview so she could get back to calling her landlord, insurance company, and the American Red Cross. 

Around 3:30 a.m. Thursday, Feemster says she woke to the sound of something crashing through her home on La. 19 in Zachary.

"I got woken up by this horrible noise," she said. "The whole trailer was rocking. I've got four children and I heard them screaming."

Feemster ran into the living room, where her husband had been asleep on the couch — only inches away from where a tree had landed.

"My husband helped me get through the kitchen," Feemster said. "The power was out so we couldn't see anything. We could feel water and glass everywhere."

Stepping over power lines and tree limbs, Feemster and her husband were able to gather their four boys and maneuver their way out of the house and into the family vehicle. They drove a few blocks down the road to her parents-in-law's home to stay for the night.

"We had to fight to get out, but we did it," she said. "It was still storming."

Her next-door neighbor, Carol Prine, also had a tree pierce through the roof of her home.

"My fiancé and I were asleep and we heard hail, which woke us up first," Prine said. "And then we heard something that sounded like a train and then a big boom!"

Prine says she and her partner ran into the kitchen and could see a limb through the roof of the living room.

"Water started pouring in," Prine said. "We immediately called 911 and the fire department got dispatched out."

Officials advised both families to stay out of their homes since the structures were on the verge of collapsing.

Feemster had to leave her 85-pound Pit Bull, Ace, inside the bathroom of their trailer. She says they couldn't risk him stepping on any power lines. 

"The police and fire department told us it was safe if he stayed on that side of the house," Feemster said.

The family was able to safely remove Ace from the home just before 9 a.m.

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As far as their next step, Feemster and Prine say it's all a waiting game.

"We don't really know what we're gonna do," Feemster said while on the phone with the Red Cross. "It's a messed up situation."