The Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge has formalized its search for a new president and chief executive officer, a month after the sudden departure of the nonprofit group’s previous leader.

“We are excited to move the Arts Council forward,” ACGBR Board Chairman Brian Haymon said.

The Council’s former president, Eric Holowacz, left the council after a two-year run. His exact reason for the departure is in dispute: a former Arts Council official said he was fired, while Haymon says he resigned.

The search for a new leader is expected to last until early summer. In the meantime, the Council has named interim directors: Lisa Ibert and Jonathan Grimes, both current staff members.

The new CEO will also oversee fundraising and grants, marketing, events and advocacy.

The search committee will be led by Nancy Stich, an Arts Council director who is also Capital One’s district manager — and the search will be managed by the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations.

Other search committee members include Brian Haymon, Scott Hensgens, Adrienne Moore, Christy Reeves, Xero Skidmore and Kristin Sosnowsky.

The Council organizes several local groups and events, such as FestforAll, The Community School for the Arts, The Baton Rouge Arts Market and Sunday in the Park.