Another protester has been arrested for blocking construction of the Bayou Bridge pipeline, this time in Vermilion Parish.

A woman locked herself in a cement-filled barrel in a work trench near Maurice on Wednesday, according to a news release by the L'eau est La Vie — Water is Life — Camp. 

Other demonstrators played music and protested against both pipeline company Energy Transfer Partners and Louisiana House Bill 727, a proposal that would lay out specific criminal penalties for people who trespass or damage pipeline property, or who conspire to do so.

L'eau est La Vie, which issued a news release on Wednesday's incident and distributed photos, did not identify the protester who was arrested. 

The incident on Wednesday is at least the third in which a protester has been arrested. Five people have been arrested at those events. Equipment also was damaged in Assumption Parish.

Bayou Bridge began construction earlier this year and is designed to carry crude oil between Lake Charles and St. James Parish. Proponents say it will be an economic juggernaut for the region's oil and gas sector, while detractors fear oil spills and economic damage, particularly to the Atchafalaya Basin.

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