West Wendover Drive is just one block in the city of Baton Rouge out of the estimated 92,000 households statewide affected by the August 2016 flood.

A year after the flood, many of the residents of West Wendover are back. But FEMA trailers remain in the front yards of four homes, a few new neighbors have bought houses from people too discouraged to return, and some gutted houses look otherwise untouched and unoccupied.

Here's a close look at how individual homes on the block are doing. Click on the interactive below to explore more information:


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Advocate reporters David Mitchell and Steve Hardy compiled the information in this report. Staff photos by Patrick Dennis. Video by Kailey Broussard.

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The above image is a sample of newspaper version of the Wendover Drive flood recovery infographic, appearing in The Advocate, Sunday, Aug. 6. Click here to view the full PDF.

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