Rae Ann (left) and Stephen Gruver appear on 'Good Morning America' to discuss hazing months after the death of their son, Max, in an incident on LSU's campus. (Screenshot via GMA)

Penalties covering residential chickens are harsher than hazing laws, Stephen Gruver said, calling for stiffer penalties in an appearance on "Good Morning America" Friday morning

Stephen Gruver joined his wife, Rae Ann, to discuss the current climate of hazing on college campuses months after their son, Max, died on LSU's campus. 

"It's not a deterrent as the laws are right now," Stephen Gruver said. 

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The Gruver family pointed to LSU's announcement of changes coming for LSU fraternities including a possible ban on hard alcohol and adult supervision as woefully inadequate. 

"The end result here is a report consisting of a lot of words aimed at crafting only the appearance of reform," read a statement from the family on Thursday. "In reality, it proffers no real meaningful changes to Greek Life that would have prevented the death of our son, any other injuries, or sexual assaults that have plagued LSU’s fraternities.”

The Gruvers joined the family of Tim Piazza, who died in a hazing incident just months before Max on the campus of Penn State. 

Rae Ann Gruver said support from another family has been helpful in coping with her son's death. 

"You just keep getting by and going day-by-day. We have two other kids and we're trying to get back to some sort of normal with them. Max's birthday was just a couple weeks ago and that was really hard on all of us," she said.

"It really helped us through a lot of pain. To understand some of it. That's someone actually gone through and shared our experience."

The families said they are looking to form a group of families to offer support for those touched by similar tragedies, as well as push for stiffer legislation. They support increased penalties, including a felony status for hazing charges. 

Rae AnnGruver also offered advice for any students falling victim to or witnessing hazing practices: 

"If it doesn't feel right, it's not right. And strength in numbers with them is what's going to help each one of them. They need to take care of each other."

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