Read columnist and photographer Steven Forster’s coverage of New Orleans’ social events at The Advocate.

Events featured in the Sept. 4th edition of The New Orleans Advocate:

• It’s all in your head: Bringing the noiseless disco craze to New Orleans, wireless headsets beamed the beats into dancers’ brains at “Sssshhake Your Booty!,” a silent dance party at Michalopoulos Courtyard with DJ Tom Harvey.

• Wild: Anything goes at the Southern Decadence parade, the procession highlighting the annual LGBT gathering in the French Quarter — especially anything racy and colorful.

• Music on the Boulevard: Musicians and friends Alex McMurray and Paul Sanchez debuted The Smothered Brothers at Casa Borrega on Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard in Central City.

Party Central photos:

It’s all in your head


Music on the Boulevard