Happy birthday, Mike!

LSU’s new live tiger mascot, Mike VII, turns 1 year old on Wednesday. To celebrate, LSU will host a public birthday celebration for the young tiger at 4 p.m. at his campus habitat. Free cupcakes and stickers will be provided.

Ahead of the party, Mike also got some special treats for his birthday: meat in the shape of the number “1,” boiled eggs and a bone tied with a meat “bow.”

Mike VII, formerly known as Harvey, arrived on campus and was officially introduced as LSU's new live mascot last month. The tiger was donated from the Wild at Heart Wildlife Center in Florida.

For those planning to attend Mike's birthday party, remember not to bring stuffed animals as a gift. LSU previously warned that Mike can’t yet tell the difference between live and stuffed animals, and there’s a chance the tiger could throw himself against the glass to get to the “animal,” possibly damaging his teeth.