QUESTION: Why doesn’t the State of Louisiana make a law requiring trucks to use the center lane when there’s a three-lane on the interstate?

ANSWER: Anastasia Semien, a spokesperson for the state Department of Transportation and Development, says: “This would not be feasible in Baton Rouge due to the makeup of the interstate system and the amount of truck traffic that comes through the area.

“For example, in the Baton Rouge area, there are numerous exits and interstate merges which make it impractical to require trucks to stay in a designated lane.”

Between a park and a hard place

QUESTION: Perkins Road has One Perkins Place on one side and the Perkins Community Park (Olympia Stadium) on the other. Traffic on One Perkins Place cannot go straight across the park area (can only turn left or right) and traffic coming out of the park must turn right. The park has grown in recent years with skateboard areas, rock climbing wall, and other play areas. There is a way into the park from Kenilworth Parkway but a park this large should have full entrance and exit capability. Any chance of this happening?

ANSWER: We checked with Ingolf A. Partenheimer, the city-parish’s chief traffic engineer, who says: “To date there has not been any request by either BREC or the public for a traffic signal indication for this approach. Once received, the city-parish would perform a study to see if there is enough traffic volume and how the additional phasing would affect the overall traffic signal operation. If positive, the city-parish would design new timings and submit them to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development for approval.”

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