Question: How did Baton Rouge Metro Airport manage to name a street after a person who is still alive: retired U.S. Air Force Maj. Gen. Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager? I always thought street names could be named only after those people who are deceased.

Answer: City-Parish Planning Director Frank Duke tells us: “There is nothing in the (city-parish) Unified Development Code that prohibits naming a street after a living person. It appears to be a matter of Council policy, which means that Council can choose not to comply with it.”

You might be thinking of Revised Statute 42:267, the state law that prohibits naming facilities or parks owned or funded in large part by the state after living persons.

Dirty ditches

Question: I live in Briar Place subdivision on Pennhill Drive off Jefferson Highway. There is a drainage ditch that runs behind houses on Pennhill that is overgrown with trees and brush. I’ve called the city numerous times to assist with this issue and was told the machine they use for clearing brush was broken . Can you help us? These overgrown ditches are flooding hazards.

Answer: “We were able to locate two separate ditch-related work orders in our 311 system associated with this area,” Carey Chauvin, the interim assistant chief administrative officer for the city-parish Department of Public Works, tells us.

“The first is for the cleaning of the concrete-lined canal. This work requires the use of specialized equipment that has been awaiting repairs. Those repairs are almost complete and we anticipate the cleaning work to begin within the next 30 days.

“The second work order is for the cleaning of an earthen ditch and that work has been scheduled to take place in the next couple of days.”

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