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Jasper Knighten

How many of us have waited to do something because we thought the conditions were not favorable? How many times have we heard others allude to the fact they were waiting until the scales seem to tip in their favor?

Life will never appear to be a beautiful flower garden. Even more so, circumstances will not always appear to be favorable. It is important as we circumvent life and grow as people that we learn to live faith-guided lives. So often we put ambitions and goals on life support due to the fact we feel as if the timing is not right and we will someday have time. To the contrary, nothing in life is forever and there is never a more appropriate time than now. Seizing the opportunity of time is the key to life. The old adage says it best: There is no time like the present.

All of us have been guilty of waiting in the wrong manner. Yes, waiting in life is an active display of wisdom and fortitude. But waiting to act is a sign of ineptitude. In order to achieve and grow to heights unimaginable, one must never cease to push and strive further than he or she did the day before.

Each second we are bountifully blessed with life, we should actively go after our dreams and goals. Constantly pondering on ways to make your dream come to fruition will not get the job done. Those who bring their thoughts to life are the most successful and content people on the face of this Earth.

So what if you fail? We all have failed and will continue to fail until the day we die. There is no harm in trying. There is nothing more heartbreaking than coming to the end of life and having to bear the burden of regret day in and day out. None of us should strive to live conservative lives. We were not created to come here and live routine lives. We were created to be productive and enhance life.

Every single person on the face of this Earth has been gifted by God with some unique gift, business venture or passion for enhancing the lives of others. This world often gets stifled from benefiting from those great gifts, business ventures and passions because of the inability to recognize the open door of opportunity.

Do not put your life or the rest of the world on hold because the favorable climate you are waiting for has not arrived. In all honesty, the perfect season may never come.

A great life is built on the hinges of endurance and faith. One must see the silver lining in every situation. One must develop a never-say-die attitude.

More important, one must learn to remain optimistic in all circumstances. Through personal experience, I have found a positive attitude and an optimistic perspective to be hidden treasures in the midst of my circumstances.

Make today the first day of non-procrastination. Seize the gift of life and paint the masterpiece of a life you have always envisioned.

Remember: Do not let fear or any other negative impediment prevent you from going after your dreams. You can do it. Do not wait any longer.

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