School stock

Public school leaders in Ascension Parish say feedback from parents is helping them as they develop a re-opening plan for the fall, but that it will still be a couple more weeks before they have detailed plans.

In a statement Thursday, the School Board said there are many logistics still to be worked out, including classroom layouts, meal service, transportation and online education options. It said that, for now, parents should buy their children masks ahead of the school year, and that beginning next month parents should consider taking their children's temperature before school each day.

The district has 23,000 students. Classes are scheduled to begin Aug. 5

District leaders say they have contracted with a company to treat all school buildings with a fog that kills 99.99% of harmful microbes and protects all surfaces for 90 days. The treatment will be repeated before the start of the school year and then continued as the academic year progresses. School buses are being disinfected and the district is instituting regular cleaning protocols in place for buses, classrooms, and all high traffic areas. 

Students will also have access to hand sanitizer or be given a chance to wash their hands several times a day.

The school district also will install water bottle fillers at school water fountains so students can have access to clean water without risk. Students can bring water bottles to school for this purpose.

Student meals will likely include some "grab-and-go" format.

The district will also take students' temperatures daily. Those with readings of 100.4 or higher will be sent to the nurse's office and might be sent home. It said if a child has a fever before leaving for school, they should be kept at home. 

The district also says an online program is available for those not comfortable with returning to campus.