All BREC community pools have been closed since July 9 to save money, a BREC spokeswoman said Monday.

Because of the expense of operating and maintaining the pools, the East Baton Rouge Recreation and Park Commission voted earlier this year to hold a six-week pool season rather than an eight-week season, BREC spokeswoman Kristi Williams said.

The commission rejected a staff proposal made in a committee meeting to close two pools and reopen four, Williams said. The proposal didn’t even make it to the full commission for a vote, Williams said.

Instead, the commission approved the six-week session in February, Williams said.

This year’s pool season opened May 28, Williams


“We analyzed attendance figures from last year and saw that attendance drops at the pools after July Fourth,” Williams said.

Liberty Lagoon, BREC’s

  • ew water park, will remain open.

However, it was closed Monday because of lightning and bad weather.

“We have 100 employees (for Liberty Lagoon) so we have to make a call on that,” Williams said.

Weather permitting, Liberty Lagoon will reopen Tuesday morning for swim lessons and then at 11 a.m. to the public, Williams said.

Besides the pool at Liberty Lagoon, BREC runs six community pools with the YMCA of the Capital Area.

The smaller community pools are at the following parks: Gus Young, Howell, Brooks, Anna T. Jordan, Webb and Jefferson Highway.