Krewe de Crown: People should be ready to dance the night away with Miss USA musical lineup _lowres

Flo Rida backstage after performing his hit single whistle at Univision's 9th Annual Premios


Awards shows and live contests like the Miss USA pageant are some of my favorite nights of the year. I can almost feel the excitement and anticipation through my TV as I watch the announcers, performers and contestants. One aspect I look forward to the most is the musical performances. This year, the Miss USA musical line up, like last year’s, is guaranteed to get viewers up off the couch and dancing to some of their favorite songs.

Fans of rap, R&B and country music rejoice, because this year’s pageant will highlight artists from all three genres. According to Miss USA’s official site, viewers can look forward to performances by Grammy Award-winning artist Flo Rida, break out R&B artistNatalie La Rose and country artist Craig Wayne Boyd.

Boyd will help hosts Thomas Roberts and Cheryl Burke introduce the 51 contestants with a country medley including his new hit single “Baby Doll” to get the night rolling. Flo Rida, the lucky artist chosen to serenade the ladies during the evening gown competition, will be the next artist to grace the River Center stage. Last, but definitely not least, La Rose will join Flo Rida on stage to perform her hit single “Somebody.”

While we wait patiently for the big night, maybe not so patiently after hearing the musical line up, here are a few fun facts about the artists:

Flo Rida has produced countless hits including “Wild Ones,” “Right Round” and “Whistle.” What some of you may not know is that Flo Rida learned early on from one of hip-hop’s greatest groups, 2 Live Crew. According to Billboard, Flo Rida toured with 2 Live Crew as a teenager before releasing his break out hit “Low” in 2008. Working with such an iconic group like 2 Live Crew gave hip-hop veteran Flow Rida the ability to soar into stardom.

Natalie La Rose is one of many female international vocalists to land a Top 10 single this year. What some of you may not know is that La Rose is signed to fellow Miss USA performer Flo Rida’s label. According to Fashion and Style, La Rose approached Flo Rida at the ESPY’s after party about working together. The introduction lead to that infectious hit “Somebody,” that we all can’t seem to get out of our heads.

Craig Wayne Boyd received his big break after winning the seventh season of The Voice. According to The Washington Post, Boyd was considered the underdog of the finalists. Boyd was the only finalist not on Team Adam, but never underestimate a country singer whose life dream is to belt out a tune or two to the masses. Boyd will join an ever-growing list of talented country artists who have performed in Louisiana, including his coach Blake Shelton who joined the list ofBayou Country Superfest veterans after his May 24 performance in Tiger Stadium.

We sometimes forget how much work and practice goes into live performances and what the artists hope to be a historical moment. Maybe your favorite music performance will be from this year’s Miss USA pageant! Tune in on July 12 to find out.