Upon browsing over caskets/coffins for a choice for my dad, the representative pointed out some that came with a lifetime warranty. Whose lifetime is the warranty granted?

Peter G. “Butch” Mulhearn Jr., president of the Louisiana Funeral Directors Association, replies: “Each casket manufacturer and each type of casket has a different warranty. In order for me to give a correct answer, I would have to read the warranty that would apply to the casket.

“Most of the lifetime warranties I am familiar with are referring to the purchaser’s lifetime. This would be my interpretation of a lifetime warranty on a casket, but if you wanted an absolute correct answer, I would contact the local funeral home that handled the funeral. The funeral director should be able to provide a copy of the warranty packet from the casket and explain it.”

Finding obituaries

How can I obtain a copy of the obituary for Floyed Edward Glaze that ran on Sept. 1, 1953?

Response from Advocate Library Manager Judy Jumonville:

“There are several ways to obtain a copy of this obituary.

“The microfilm for The Advocate and the State-Times is available at the (Main) East Baton Rouge Parish Library on Goodwood Boulevard; the LSU Library; the Southern University Library; and the Louisiana State Library.

“You can go to either of these libraries and look at the microfilm for this day and print out the obituary. Or you can contact The Advocate Library and we will provide a copy for a charge of $10 plus tax.? There are no online archives available for 1953.

“Also, obituaries were and are a paid service of the newspaper. Sometimes, obituaries weren’t placed due to cost.”

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