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Advocate file photo of the Governor's Mansion

Does Gov. John Bel Edwards get a homestead exemption for his house near Amite if he lives in Baton Rouge?

Brady Sledge, the chief deputy assessor for Tangipahoa Parish, says: "The Governor receives homestead exemption in Roseland. This is his primary residence."

Speaking of taxes

For subdivisions not interested in being a part of St. George, 1) will property taxes go up for those whose wish to be annexed into Baton Rouge 2) is there an option for the subdivision to remain unincorporated rather than be a part of St. George?

East Baton Rouge Parish Assessor Brian Wilson tells us: "Property taxes will go up for those subdivisions that annex into the city of Baton Rouge. They will pay the city of Baton Rouge millage (6.9 mills) as well as the CATS bus millage (10.6 mills).

"As far as the second part of the question: To my knowledge there is not an option for a subdivision (within the St. George boundaries) to remain unincorporated and not be a part of St George."

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